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    Thin Spaghetti (Spaghettini Pasta)

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    Thin Spaghetti, or Spaghettini, is a long and cylindrical pasta shape—thinner than its more famous cousin, Spaghetti. This beloved long cut is best paired with lighter, thinner sauces that will not overwhelm its delicate form. 

    DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a region near Naples, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast. The art of making our pasta begins with the very best quality wheat. We carefully choose wheat with the highest gluten index, gluten content and protein content. All of these characteristics affect how the pasta cooks, as well as its taste and texture. The durum wheat is milled into coarse ground semolina flour and then carefully kneaded with cold, fresh, mineral-rich mountain spring water. We dry our pasta slowly at low temperatures to reproduce the traditional way of making pasta. This method respects the ingredients, preserving the pasta’s color, texture and aroma.

    • Made in Italy with an exclusive blend of the highest quality durum wheat.
    • Extruded with traditional bronze dies for a rougher sauce-capturing surface area.
    • Cooks up perfectly al dente.
    • A long cut of Italian pasta perfect for lighter, simpler sauces of tomato, olive oil or butter and fresh herbs.

    Kitchen and Usage Tips:

    As far as sauces go, simple is best for this long, thin pasta cut. Serve Thin Spaghetti with butter- or oil-based sauces, pesto and light tomato sauces. Take your simple sauces to the next level with seafood, like clams or shrimp, or a primavera-style vegetable sauce. We love Thin Spaghetti with a fresh-tomato and herb Pomodoro sauce and a light scampi butter sauce with shrimp.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Is Thin Spaghetti? Thin Spaghetti, or Spaghettini, is a thin, long, cylindrical pasta shape. It is thinner than its famous relative, Spaghetti, but thicker than Capellini.

    Is Thin Spaghetti The Same As Spaghettini? Yes, the two names can be used interchangeably.

    Is Thin Spaghetti The Same As Angel Hair? No, Angel Hair Pasta is thinner and more delicate than Thin Spaghetti.

    What Is The Difference Between Thin Spaghetti And Spaghetti? Both Thin Spaghetti and Spaghetti are long, cylindrical pasta cuts made with water and semolina flour. The difference is in their size. Thin Spaghetti, sometimes known as Spaghettini, is thinner than Spaghetti.

    Learn more about pasta shapes.

    Is Thin Spaghetti The Thinnest Spaghetti? Thin Spaghetti is not the thinnest. Both Capellini and Angel Hair Pasta are thinner than Thin Spaghetti.

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