Favorite Summer Carbonara Recipes

Favorite Summer Carbonara Recipes

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for us, it’s all about the pasta.

Pasta is a food for all seasons, but during the hotter months, it really shines with all those in-season ingredients ready to add fresh flavors and colors to your noodles and sauces. We wanted to show you just what summer can do for a classic Italian pasta recipe. Carbonara is all about the creaminess—a texture that comes from adding fresh eggs to hot pasta rather than heavy cream or a bunch of cheeses. In these summertime Carbonara recipes, we stay true to tradition with that same irresistible creaminess, but add in some farmers’ market favorites like sweet summer corn, zucchini squash, garden cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

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It’s not summer until we’ve had some crisp, sweet summer corn on the cob. This seasonal Carbonara is loaded with fresh corn, basil leaves and juicy shrimp… and ready to rock your summer menu.

Get out your garden zucchini and get to the kitchen to make this incredible summer-inspired Carbonara. Top it off with creamy, cool burrata and a kiss of citrus.

Make your Carbonara a well-rounded summer meal with this roasted chicken recipe featuring garden cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.