Game Day Get-Togethers, Parties + Tailgating Entertaining

POSTED September 1, 2017

Put down the chips and dip and entertain with some touchdown-worthy apps and snacks this football season!

Whether you’re tailgating, hosting or gathering elsewhere to watch the game, there’s no need to settle with boring old party foods. We’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you think to put together some tasty snackable bites for your sports entertaining occasions. Even if it’s just a new condiment for those wings or a spicy twist on game day nachos, we’ve got some football party recipes and tailgate food ideas for you.

Tailgate Snacks + Grilling Upgrades

There’s nothing wrong with grilling up some burgers and dogs—especially when you’re camping out on the hot asphalt of a stadium lot. But why not upgrade your classic tailgate foods with some bold new flavors? We’ve got some delicious ideas for you.

Chardonnay Pairing #1: Wine, Cheese and Olive Pairing

Antipasti is the life of the party. There’s really nothing more exciting than a party tray or cheese board loaded up with pepperoni, salami, an array of cheeses, crackers, olives, pickled peppers… you get the idea. Easy to prep and ready for hearty game-day snacking, this “cheese and crackers” appetizer is among our favorite football food.

Bring fine dining flavors to the lot. Leave the tub of French onion dip at home and pick up a jar of DeLallo Bruschetta or Simply Pesto® Sauce and your favorite creamy bases to whip up an amazing Artichoke Dip or Sun-Dried Tomato Spread. We promise your fans won’t be disappointed.

Sub in the Italian sausage. Give those hot dogs a break and pick up some sweet (or hot!) Italian sausage. Throw some pre-cut peppers and onions on the grill for added flavor. Bring a jar of marinara along, if you’re feeling saucy.

Get your sweet-and-salty snack on. Supplement grilled goodies and brews with our latest candy, nuts and dried fruit snacking options. Packed to party, these no-frills classics are winning must-have party treats, so ready to dig in?

Garlic is the spice of life. Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce is not for the weak. This all-natural Italian “hot sauce” is sure to be MVP—an irresistible blend of chopped garlic, spicy red chilies and parsley in olive oil. The uses are endless, but we suggest amping up hot wings, party dips and hot nacho cheeses, creamy spreads for cold-cut sandwiches and paninis… or get brave and spoon it on hot dogs and burgers.

Football Party Recipes + Game Day Inspiration

Tired of the same old party foods? So are your guests. Why not amp up your game day entertaining with some of their favorite Mediterranean flavors? It’s easier than ever to whip up some tasty football party eats. And if you’re limited on time, there are plenty of grab-and-go options to get your party started.

Entertain with the classics. Sure, we all love pepperoni and Cheddar, but don’t stop there. Upgrade your cold-cut party trays with rustic Italian cured meats, a variety of cheeses and boatloads of briny, tangy, tart, sweet, hot olives and antipasti! Visit your local deli’s olive bar or load up with our grab-and-go Ready Pack options. Need help pairing up complementary flavors? Check our Pairing Guide.

Bruschetta, for the win! Forget the chips and salsa and pick up some DeLallo Crostini Toasts and DeLallo Bruschetta. This easy but impressive appetizer features the bold, bright flavors they love, but is easy to make, eat and love. We consider that a win!

We’re not done with bruschetta yet. We think you’ll love this hot dip idea… everything you love about Spinach Artichoke dip but with a briny burst of tart olive flavor. Artichoke & Olive Bruschetta Cheese Dip is amazing, but you have permission to get creative. Our Bruschetta lineup is loaded with flavor AND possibility.

Nacho cheese with an Italian twist. Full of flavor and heat, these are no boring stadium nachos. Hot Pepper Garlic Sauce is the secret. And if you like these, you might want to try adding the bold garlicky burst of flavor to your game-day wings 

Ditch the delivery. Mini personal pizzas loaded with their favorite toppings? What a way to make an impression! Pizza Fritta is a great way to round up a bunch of foods they love and let them have at it. Think of it as a pizza bar. (You might get more than football fans coming over…)

A sweet idea for easy entertaining. Go into overtime with this scoopable sweet treat. Tiramisu at a football party? Yes. A thousand times yes. And with our DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder, there’s no brewing necessary.