Halloween Entertaining with Charcuterie + Cheese Boards

POSTED October 15, 2017

The leaves begin to fall, the air begins to crisp and summer seems to disappear as quickly as it had arrived. Saying “goodbye” to summer isn’t as sad as it could be, though, because the excitement of fall is just around the corner. And you know what that means…


We know what you’re thinking. This “spirited” holiday is dedicated to the gang of little ghouls and goblins that run about gathering up Halloween candy from the neighbors. But once trick-or-treating is over and the little monsters have had their fill of chocolate and popcorn balls, it’s time for the adults to have some treats of their own. We believe the fun and excitement of Halloween isn’t just for the kids, though. Fall is a great excuse to host a get-together with your favorite people and some tasty tapas. Whether it’s a big event with costumes and karaoke or a simple evening to catch up on the back deck with a few friends, leave the entertaining ideas to us!

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Halloween snacking ideas aren’t just limited to candy corn and gummy worms in pudding. Why not create a spread to impress? Because what grownups really want isn’t a bag of mini candy bars. Treat them right!

Invite your crew over for cocktails, brews and an exquisite lineup of all their favorite Mediterranean goodies. And what pairs better with boozy beverages than the many bold, briny, tangy, tart, sweet and spicy flavors of a charcuterie or cheese board? Nothing, that’s what. The good news is this Halloween party food idea is as easy to prepare as it is to love. No tricks here.

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This party snack upgrade is really a no-brainer: irresistible flavors with gourmet presentation and it’s as easy as picking up some grab-and-go goodies from your local grocery store.

Looking for some inspired gourmet preparations to take your offerings to the next level? Substitute chips and French onion dip for a tasty Italian bruschetta with toasted slices of crusty bread. Or ditch those stale nacho chips with runny neon cheese to create an incredible Italian-Style Nachos plate with a spicy sausage, cheese, sliced olives, roasted red peppers… you get the idea.

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