Italian Father's Day Menu

Italian Father's Day Menu

Guess what? It’s Dad’s turn! Time to give our special guys a break from manning the grill to be showered with love and, of course, great food. And boy, do we have some of that! From sizzling meats to spicy sweet sides and of course sensational desserts, these Father's Day recipes will be ones he’ll jump out of bed for. We’ll put the coffee on!

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Starters! Let dad sit back, relax and enjoy some savory and spicy bites while everyone prepares the rest of the meal.

Let’s go nuts right out of the gate! Chocolatey goodness with a kick of cayenne? Yes, please. Perfect as a meal starter or a little gift for the kids to present, these delicious almonds are also deceptively easy to make.

If the dads in your life are like most, he’s never met a jalapeño popper he didn’t like. And these poppers are the real deal. After you carefully seed your jalapeños, stuff with cream cheese mixture and wrap them up in that Father’s Day must-have: bacon! Finish off with our Balsamic Glaze, and you’re off to one heck of a start for Father’s Day.

Before we go any further, it’s only right to mix up this tasty beer-based Mexican cocktail. Half beer, half bloody Mary? Sounds like what Father’s Day was invented for! Just combine several ounces of rich Tomato Passata Purée, some worcestershire, chili pepper oil and lime and stir well. Then top it off with an ice cold beer and enjoy. Simply fantástico!

The Main Course. From burgers and ribs to potatoes and pasta, these recipes are sure to hit a hit with dad on his special day.

Recipe: Roasted Pepperazzi Burger

What turns a simple burger into a mouthwatering masterpiece? Pepperazzi Peppers, of course. Hot and tangy with a hint of sweet vinegar, these fiery peppers can take your flame-grilled burger from “yum” to “yowza!” with a quick flick of the wrist.

Transform your steak into a masterpiece with an Italian salsa verde green sauce. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, capers, and fresh herbs make a zesty topping that tastes great on any cut of meat. Just grill your meat, with your the sauce and enjoy!

Think of baked potato as more of cold-weather comfort food? Think again! Next to a steak or chop and some spicy sweet pineapple, this could be just the dish to take Father’s Day over the top.

Serve up a homemade recipe like he’s never had before! Italian meatballs, tangy sun-dried peppers and creamy mozzarella balls skewered and served with warm marinara.

We’ve traded in the barbecue sauce for a sticky-sweet bourbon-glaze. There’s no question… these ribs are fit for a king!

Add a little pasta salad magic to the menu! This pasta salad is super easy and full of lots of Italian goodies like salami and cheese, olives, and a few fresh herbs. Cook up some pasta, toss it all together, and voila.

Don’t Forget Dessert! Dad deserves the very best, so give him something sweet this Father’s Day.

May we recommend this triple-berry skillet pie? Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries with a kiss of tangy-sweet balsamic.

Or maybe treat him to cheesecake. A homemade dessert is a sweet, but simple gift that is sure to let him know how much you love him.