Olives & Antipasti

  • Image of Stuffed Manzanilla Olives 13 oz.

    Stuffed Queen Olives 13 oz.

    The big sister of the stuffed Stuffed Manzanilla, DeLallo Stuffed Queen Olives are plump, green Spanish olives with a tart, briny flavor stuffed with sweet red pimento. As an appetizer, salad topping or martini olive, these stuffed beauties are as...

  • Front image of our Marinated Artichoke Hearts.

    Marinated Artichokes

    DeLallo Marinated Artichokes feature quartered artichoke hearts packed in a savory blend of oil and spices to complement their mild, earthy sweetness—perfect for partnering up with specialty cheeses, cured meats, olives and other antipasti, these beloved...

  • image of front of jar of pickled garlic

    Marinated Pickled Garlic

    Whole cloves of crunchy pickled garlic with a bold, zesty flavor. Snack on them right from the jar or serve them up on a charcuterie board! Big flavor with no garlicky aftertaste…"kissable" garlic. Ready to snack, crunchy & additive texture!...

  • Front image of Minced Garlic.

    Minced Garlic Jar 24 oz.

    DeLallo Fine Chopped Garlic features fresh cloves of garlic minced and packed fresh in water to preserve their famously pungent aroma. A ready-to-use ingredient in a myriad of recipes, This convenient pantry staple saves the trouble of peeling and...