The Scoop On Instant Espresso

The Scoop On Instant Espresso

The Scoop On Instant Espresso

What is instant espresso?

Instant espresso is a rich and flavorful coffee that has been brewed and then dried into a powder. Unlike traditional ground coffee that you use in your coffee maker, this coffee is stronger and pre-brewed so it will readily dissolve in hot water, as well as other liquids and wet batters.

Can you drink it like regular coffee?

We don’t recommend it for your daily cup of joe. It’s super strong and made to accent baking recipes, but in a pinch, it will do.

Baker’s Deepest Darkest Secret

Best known for its role in the famed Italian dessert, tiramisu, espresso really is a baker’s secret ingredient. Its deep and complex flavor makes chocolate richer without adding any distinct coffee flavor. With a teaspoon or two of instant espresso, you will only amplify that rich chocolate flavor. Add more for a more pronounced coffee mocha flavor.

When it comes to tiramisu, instant espresso is both convenient and essential. Now there’s no need to brew a whole pot of espresso for dunking your ladyfingers. Give your classic Italian treat that bold rich coffee flavor with none of the hassle.

Indispensable Baking Ingredient

Add instant espresso powder to anything chocolate: homemade brownies, cookies and cakes. Try it in chocolate mousse, pudding, fudge and homemade ice cream. Even give breakfast treats like pancakes and waffles a bigger chocolatey presence. Along with baked goods, instant espresso is perfect for creating cold coffeehouse-style lattes, hot cocoa and frozen drinks at home without using piping-hot brewed espresso that could weaken your icy drinks.

Not Just for Sweets

Instant espresso can be used to accent savory recipes too. Use that rich coffee flavor to enhance meat rubs for steaks, prime rib roasts, pork chops and baby back ribs. Espresso’s deep dark flavor is perfect for pairing with spicy and smoked flavors in chilis, sauces and stews.

Tips for Using

  • A little goes a long way. Too much espresso powder might end up making your baked goods taste overly bitter. Just the right amount will accent chocolate without a distinct coffee flavor. ½ teaspoon – 2 teaspoons is perfect to complement chocolate flavor. Add more than 2 teaspoons for rich coffee (mocha) flavor.
  • Espresso is a rich accent. More than just a chocolate booster, instant espresso can be added to a number of recipes to complement sweet caramel, gingerbread spices, deep fruity flavors like fig and blackberry, sea salt, sweet custards and cheeses and even citrus.
  • Add to wet or dry ingredients. Instant espresso will dissolve in your wet batter or liquids, but also can be added to the dry ingredients of your baking recipes.
  • Instant espresso vs. instant coffee. Instant espresso delivers a truer darker flavor than that of instant coffee. Using instant coffee in your baking recipes isn’t going to make the rich notes pop like instant espresso will. If you try to double up on the instant coffee for a bolder flavor, it might end up making your recipes taste overly bitter or tinny.

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