Sweet & Savory Recipes With Instant Espresso Powder

15 Sweet And Savory Espresso Powder Recipes You’ll Love

If you ever wondered what instant espresso can do for your baked goods and chocolate recipes, we’ve got some amazing espresso powder recipes for you.

Espresso is a richer, more flavorful version of your typical brewed coffee. It is not the same as instant coffee either. Instant Espresso Powder is a pre-brewed espresso that is dried into a fine powder then used to heighten the flavors of both sweet and savory recipes. When it comes to DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder, a small amount is all you need. Just a teaspoon of espresso powder (or two) will give your chocolate recipes a richer, deeper flavor without imparting any coffee flavor. From chocolate cakes to meat rubs, there are so many incredible espresso powder recipes out there… and so many waiting to be discovered!

What is Espresso Powder & How to Use It

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Sweet Recipes

This iconic no-bake Italian dessert is probably the most well-known espresso powder recipes and with good reason. Creamy sweet mascarpone is the perfect partner to the rich, dark chocolate flavor.

The only thing better than cheesecake is bite-sized cheesecake! Instant espresso powder only adds to the rich chocolate flavor of this incredible dessert.

Triple the chocolate, triple the amazingness. These chocolatey espresso brownies are rich, dense and topped off with a sweet and sticky chocolate glaze. You might not want to share.

An out-of-this-world Espresso Chocolate Pudding Pie with no baking required. @bakerbynature is a chocolate lover's dream come true! With a chocolate cookie crust, silky smooth espresso chocolate pudding, and a luscious layer of freshly whipped cream, this recipe is sure to please everyone!

If you’re looking for a wow-worthy dessert to make with your jar of instant espresso, look no further than this super easy treat.

Espresso powder is more than a secret ingredient, but pure magic in baked goods like these irresistible mocha cookies. You’ll never see a chocolate chip cookie the same way again.

You may think you’ve tried every chocolate cake out there, but wait until you get a load of this chocolate cake. We top it off with a generous layer of mocha buttercream frosting. This is why you need a jar of instant espresso powder in your pantry!

These silky smooth, super rich, melt-in-your-mouth truffles are practically magical. Whether you’re wooing your sweetheart or treating your family, this chocolatey-espresso truffle recipe is one you’ll be making again and again.

Smooth, rich, deeply indulgent ganache is the star of this espresso powder recipe. This decadent dessert is easier than you think and will have your people swooning.


This sensational coffee drink is more than a trend… it’s a frothy coffee masterpiece made possible with your jar of DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder. It’s as fun to make as it is to caffeinate!

This espresso powder creation is an entire mood. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for an after-dinner beverage or happy hour feature. No need for coffee beans or a coffee grinder.

Who says you have to leave the house to indulge in a tasty coffee-shop-style drink? With instant espresso powder in your pantry, you might just have everything you need to create an incredible iced latte.

Savory Recipes

When you think about ribs, you probably aren’t thinking about that jar of instant espresso powder in the pantry. But believe it or not, espresso brings a deep, smoky flavor to your meat seasonings. It’s magic!

Spice up your meat and poultry with this unique chili rub. Espresso powder brings zesty spices to life—an unexpected complement.

If you’ve got a jar of instant espresso powder, you are one step closer to a healthy snack. Add some cayenne pepper to these cocoa roasted almonds for an extra kick.

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