Easy And Delicious Tortiglioni Recipes

Easy And Delicious Tortiglioni Recipes

Looking for Tortiglioni recipes? You’ve come to the right place.

Think of Tortiglioni pasta as Rigatoni with a twist. Spiraled with deeper ridges than the classic Rigatoni, Tortiglioni is a twisted tube pasta with the ideal shape for capturing chunky ingredients, cream sauces and meat ragùs. Born in the region of Naples, Italy, this sturdy short-cut is famous for its starring role in the iconic Bolognese meat sauce, but its brilliance doesn’t stop there.

From baked pasta dishes to summer picnic pasta salads, there isn’t much this spiral tube pasta can’t do. Try Tortiglioni pasta as a feature in rich cream sauces, like Tortiglioni with Ham & Peas. Or give it a shot in a heartier pasta dish like our Beans & Green Pasta with Spicy Italian Sausage. Got a picnic or backyard barbecue coming up? Try Tortiglioni in place of your traditional pasta in creamy macaroni salads and pasta salads dressed in extra virgin olive oil. These fun twisted tubes are truly a pasta shape for all seasons.

Here are some of our favorite Tortiglioni recipes, but don’t be afraid to swap out traditional short cuts (like Penne, Rigatoni and Gemelli) for these fun spirals.

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Imagine your favorite Italian sub as a loaded antipasto salad. This Tortiglioni recipe is a unique leafy green salad topped with classic cured meats, like Pepperoni and Hard Salami, as well as fresh veggies and grated Provolone Cheese. Is it a pasta salad? Is it an Italian grinder? Is it a fresh garden salad? All of the above!

Italian Tortiglioni pasta is the perfect shape for capturing the creamy goodness of this classic Italian cheese sauce. Featuring sweet peas and savory Italian prosciutto in an irresistible Parmesan cream sauce, this Tortiglioni recipe is a super simple comfort food you need in your recipe box.

This Tortiglioni recipe is a pasta night take on the lovable Italian dish of Beans and Greens. Twisted tube pasta meets up with hot Italian sausage and earthy greens in a rich and tangy passata-style tomato sauce. If you need an easy weeknight meal that is sure to fill you up, this hearty pasta dish will not disappoint!

Whether you are looking for a recipe to use up that crisper drawer full of vegetables or you are just a lover of chunky veggie-loaded pasta sauces, this Tortiglioni recipe is for you. Not as rich and decadent as your standard Alfredo, the cream sauce in this springtime-inspired pasta dish is the perfect complement to all the sweet, earthy flavors of your favorite veggies.

The fun, spiral tube pasta takes on an iconic “pink” sauce in this incredible Tortiglioni recipe. This creamy tomato sauce is rich and robust featuring a cast of fresh, honest ingredients: garlic cloves, chopped onion, butter, heavy cream and our Whole-Peeled Plum Tomatoes. Top it off with generous sprinkles of Parmesan cheese and freshly chopped basil.