Best Of The Mediterranean

Best Of The Mediterranean

You don’t need plane tickets to get a taste of the Mediterranean… just a few of your favorite DeLallo ingredients.

Why do we love Mediterranean cuisine? It’s simple. Not only are authentic Mediterranean meals loaded with big, bright flavors, but they’re good for you too. (We’re sure you’ve heard all about the benefits of a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet?) As warm and inviting as the Mediterranean itself, the culinary tradition of this region features ingredients such as sunny citrus, bitter oils, briny olives, eggplant, earthy legumes and artichokes—just to name a few.

Summer is the perfect season to celebrate the bright and colorful flavors of the Mediterranean. We’ve gathered up some of our favorites (a few classics and a few new recipes) to share with you.

A popular Middle Eastern street food, Chicken Shawarma is a rotisserie marinated chicken that is super tender and flavorful. We took that tasty chicken and turned it into a hearty grain bowl recipe. You need this one in your life.

Get a load of this sweet and smoky pepper dip! Brimming with savory spices, this classic Mediterranean recipe is a flavorful dip perfect for summer. We love to serve it up with pita and fresh-cut veggies.

Tabouli is a classic vegetarian salad made with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Enjoy it as a light summer salad all on its own or serve it with pita chips. Tabouli is great for summer entertaining and can be served as a garnish for mezze platter presentations.

This no-cook pizza recipe is summer-ready. Instead of pizza dough, we use naan bread, then top it off with all your favorite Greek goodies: Calamata olives, roasted red peppers and tangy feta.

It wouldn’t be a Mediterranean recipe roundup if we didn’t celebrate the chickpea. This legume salad recipe is perfect for summer: no cook time, few ingredients and packed with protein.

Sautéed chickpeas and Calabrian chili peppers are going to take your store-bought hummus to a whole new level. Spicy food fans are going to love this one.

It’s amazing what a little pesto can do. We top off your favorite bean spread with toasty pine nuts and herbaceous pesto to jazz up a classic.

A new take on your favorite Mediterranean antipasti, these fried stuffed grape leaves are more than the life of the party… they ARE the party. Serve with a creamy homemade mint yogurt sauce for dipping and get ready to win some hearts.

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

Whether you’re preparing a backyard picnic or a side for your summery meals, this orzo pasta salad is the perfect way to enjoy all the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean in one dish!

Mediterranean Penne with Tuna, Olives + Roasted Tomatoes

This isn’t any ordinary pasta dish! Our recipe gets its oomph from sweet, sunny tomatoes roasted with olive oil. Combine them with Italian tuna, our famous briny Oil-Cured Olives, fragrant parsley and tangy lemon zest for a colorful, flavorful soon-to-be classic!

Greek Baked Chicken and Orzo

This is no ordinary baked chicken recipe, but a Mediterranean-inspired masterpiece featuring favorite Greek flavors like bold and briny Calamata olives, marinated artichokes, roasted red peppers and tangy feta.