Let’s hear it for Dad! Our Fantastic Father’s Day Roundup

POSTED June 7, 2018

Guess what? It’s Dad’s turn! Time to give our special guys a break from manning the grill to be showered with love and, of course, great food. And boy, do we have some of that! From sizzling meats to spicy sweet sides and of course sensational desserts, this Father’s Day menu will be one he’ll jump out of bed for. We’ll put the coffee on!

Let’s go nuts right out of the gate! Chocolatey goodness with a kick of cayenne? Yes, please. Perfect as a meal starter or little gift for the kids to present, these delicious almonds are also deceptively easy to make.

Once again featuring our Instant Espresso Powder (you really need to get your hands on some of this stuff), these nutty chocolatey delights bake up in about 45 minutes. Just remember to store them in an airtight container when you’re done! If they make it off the baking sheet, that is.

If the dads in your life are like most, he’s never met a jalapeno popper he didn’t like. And these poppers are the real deal.

After you carefully seed your jalapenos, stuff with cream cheese mixture and wrap them up in that Father’s Day must-have: bacon! Finish off with our Balsamic Glaze, and you’re off to one heck of a start for Father’s Day.

If you’re a rockstar mom who wants to do something special for your husband or dad, but just don’t have time for prep, this is the answer to your prayers. This ready-made tray has the meat, cheese, and antipasti spread to blow his mind. Genoa Salami, English Cheddar, Bruschetta, Focaccia, forget about it! Pair it with his favorite red, and you’ve already made Father’s Day one for the record books.

Before we go any further, it’s only right to mix up this tasty beer-based Mexican cocktail. Half beer, half bloody Mary? Sounds like what Father’s Day was invented for!

Several ounces of rich Passata and you’re already in business. Add your Worcestershire, chili pepper oil and lime and stir well. Top it off with an ice cold beer and enjoy. Simply fantástico!

What turns a simple burger into a mouthwatering masterpiece? Our Pepperazi Peppers, of course. Hot and tangy with a hint of sweet vinegar, these fiery tri-colored peppers can take your flame-grilled burger from “yum” to “yowza!” with a quick flick of the wrist. As far as the meat, an Angus burger will do, along with a slice of extra-sharp cheddar and his choice of mayo or garlicky aioli.

If you want to experiment with elevating flank steak into an Italian style feast, here’s your chance. You do need a bit of time for this homemade marinade to do its magic, so this recipe is a good one to start on Saturday.

Once your steak is steeped in flavor, you’ll prepare your sauce. You may do a double take, but yes, there is bread in it. As well as caperberries and anchovies. We told you this was, authentic! After you grill, cover with your green sauce and enjoy!

Is pork the way to a man’s heart? We honestly would not be surprised. Especially these juicy chops smothered in pesto basil goodness. It all starts with our luxurious sauce featuring handpicked Ligurian basil. After seasoning your meat, slather your chops with the pesto, a bit of oil, onion, and garlic, and you’ve got a big-league meal that took you minutes to prepare. But shhhh…never admit that to him!

A day as sweet as this deserves just the right side. And nothing delivers like summer-perfect pineapple.

Basted with honey, butter, and our Calabrian chili peppers, a couple of minutes on the grill turn this dish from pure fruit into a tantalizing treat for his taste buds. And we promise this won’t be the last time you use our Golden Balsamic Glaze.

Think of baked potato as more of cold-weather comfort food? Think again! Next, to a steak or chop and some spicy sweet pineapple, this could be just the dish to take Father’s Day over the top.

Once your potatoes are baked just under an hour, all bets are off. Take your pick of our pickled veggies, salami, artichokes, Olives Jubilee or add all of them!

You may be up all night thinking about these homestyle cookies leftover in the kitchen. Loaded up with semi-sweet chocolate chips and bursting with mocha flavor, these cookies have a crucial secret ingredient. Well… maybe not so secret if it’s in the title, but the sea salt does intensify the sweet and chocolatey flavor.

As with any cookie, make sure that butter cools down before adding it to your sugar mixture. Or all you’ll end up with is some extremely sweet and buttery scrambled eggs.

Go ahead, you can say it…”Thank God, this is the last recipe because my brain can’t take any more deliciousness!” We agree! So don’t think about it, just grab your mascarpone, cocoa and espresso powder, and don’t forget the ladyfingers!

It’s a treat you can whip up in minutes (literally), and it is pretty much the perfect Italian inspired end to the perfect Father’s Day celebration.

Are you inspired yet? We hope so! Please enjoy these recipes and extend our warmest wishes to your wonderful sons, dads, and granddads. Enjoy the day!

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