Your Memorial Day Menu Made Easy!

POSTED May 23, 2018

Did you ever notice how the more prepared you are for a party, the easier it is to enjoy? That’s why we’ve created this “recipe round-up” for all of our Memorial Day party hosts! Pick and choose from these recipes to get ahead of the game. Then, get the bocce balls out, the playlist picked and you’re ready to welcome the unofficial start of summer.

We love our leafy greens, but nothing says summer like a grain salad filled with fresh cucumber, crumbly feta and a light oil and vinegar dressing. Farro, a grain with a nutty flavor, serves as the base of this hearty salad. Farro is similar to brown rice or quinoa but actually packs a greater punch of fiber.

After mixing up a simple dressing, you’ll cook your farro for about a half an hour before draining and mixing with your English cucumber, olives and pepper drops. This Greek-inspired salad is a great way to kick off an All-American holiday!

Whether you serve it as an appetizer or a side dish, this pesto pasta salad is a crowd pleaser!

The secret is in our one of a kind orzo, which embodies the taste and texture of traditional semolina pasta. Once cooked, the tiny grain blends perfectly with meaty marinated artichokes and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. Add four cups of spinach and you’ve got a dish you can feel good about indulging in.

If you’re looking for a salad option that requires zero cooking, we’ve got you covered with this colorful summer salad. Red onion and basil gives you that pop of freshness on top of your tender chickpeas and smoky-sweet red peppers.

After you toss all your ingredients together, chill this salad for at least an hour for all the flavors to combine. You could use the extra time to mix up a few of these cool Cucumber Delight Cocktails for anyone helping you prep. Those lucky ducks!

Is there anyone who doesn’t just LOVE tortellini? If there is, we haven’t met them yet. 😉

Complemented by fresh cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls and our pesto basil sauce, this salad is definitely inspired by a traditional Caprese, but of course, we added our own twist with the Genoa salami.

Although it’s certainly optional, the salty sausage kicks the whole salad up a few notches, making it easy to transform from a starter salad to a light main dish.

When summer comes, it’s time to lighten up! That’s why we wanted to share this grilled shrimp dish we designed for easy entertaining.

Once you fire up the grill, make sure to wipe the grates with oil to make sure your shrimp doesn’t stick. Then, thread your shrimp on the skewer, give each one a generous brush of pesto and cook 4 minutes a side. Finish off these yummy skewers with lemon and fresh basil and watch them fly off your serving tray!

Nothing sticks to your ribs like, well….ribs! And these are a doozy. This unique flavor combination will have your guests licking their chops (and their fingers!) for the duration of the party.    

Let’s start with our world-famous sour cherry spread. Bursting with ripe summertime cherries, this sweet and tart condiment blends with honey, balsamic vinegar, mint and…you guessed it…bourbon! Splurge and use a high-quality bottle for the best tasting ribs.

As delicious as they are, these ribs do take a bit of time to prepare, so pop them in the oven to pre-bake in the morning. 

Let’s be honest, one ribs recipe is never enough. Especially for Memorial Day!

Paired with cumin, paprika and minced garlic, our endlessly versatile instant espresso powder makes another appearance as part of our delectable smoky meat rub. After rub your ribs with this delightful spice mix, bake and drizzle with honey for a sensational Memorial Day main dish.

There you go, folks! Happy celebrating the beginning of summer and check back in June for an in-depth look at our favorite….olives!