New Year’s Entertaining with Gourmet Greats

POSTED December 20, 2016

11 Mediterranean-Inspired Appetizer Recipes to Ring in the New Year

What entertaining food occasion is more magical than a New Year’s Eve party?

It must be a written rule somewhere that it’s bad luck to ring in the new year with boring food. When it comes to New Year’s get-togethers, we recommend shaking up your party palette with the vibrant colors and bold flavors of the Mediterranean. But we would say that, wouldn’t we?

Check out how easy it is to perk up your favorite entertaining bites with just a spoonful of pesto, a pickled pepper or two, and the addition of tart and tangy Greek olives.

So skip the bags of chips and lumpy ranch dip and try something new!

1. Ahi Poke

Looking for a fun new party recipe for your New Year’s Eve get-togethers? Look no further.

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1. Classic Bruschetta

Ring in the new year with an easy Italian classic. Pair up your favorite flavors on some toasty slices of baguette bread for an exciting gourmet experience.

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3. Wine, Cheese & Olive Pairings

Our all-inclusive guide on simple but classy gourmet pairing ideas for

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4. Olive & Antipasti Skewers 

A fabulous finger food idea featuring savory Mediterranean flavors. Hit up the olive bar for some inspiration.

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5. Baked Brie with Olives Jubilee

 Brighten up your entertainment offerings with this colorful cheese plate. Boasting big flavors and easy prep, this recipe is a must-make.

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6. Garden Greek Hummus Dip

There’s hummus and then there’s this. If you’ve never topped off your hummus with amazing Mediterranean goodies, you haven’t lived!

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7. Layered Pizza Dip and Garlicky Breadsticks

Who needs pizza when there’s pizza dip? Serve it up hot and bubbly with warm homemade breadsticks for the perfect party pizza.

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8. Hot Pepper Garlic Nacho Cheese Sauce with Italian Sausage

Who said Italians don’t do nachos? The star of this recipe is the homemade spicy garlicky nacho cheese.

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9. Loaded Bloody Mary

Loaded Antipasti Bloody Mary

Skewer up your favorite antipasti from the olive bar and add those briny, spicy, tangy, tart, garlicky, pickled flavors to your savory tomato cocktails. Way to kick up a classic!

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10. Parmigiano Antipasto Cups 

Parmigiano Antipasto Cups

Throw out your disposable dinnerware and check out this super simple way to serve up your favorite olives and antipasti. Cups made of cheese take “finger food” to the next level.

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11. Italian Pesto Layered Dip 

Italian Pesto Layered Dip

Leave the French Onion Dip out of the equation and go Italian with this irresistible layered dip. Serve with fresh crudités, gourmet crackers or crispy DeLallo Crostini.

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