Italian-Inspired Fried Appetizers


Entertainment foods come in many forms, but there’s one thing we know for sure: everyone loves fried appetizers. 

There’s no denying the crispy, golden-brown crunch of that first bite, the hot and flavorful fillings… then there’s the dipping sauces! We all crave fried foods. The irresistible combinations of contrasting textures and flavors are endless, really. So why just stick to what you know?

Whether you’re in-charge of party appetizers, movie-night snacks or game-day finger foods, fried apps are sure to be a hit. Frying any food easily takes it to comfort-food status, whether it’s a vegetable, a cheese or an olive. When breaded and fried, the breading becomes golden and crisp—a delicious barrier that captures the hot and flavorful ingredients within.

But what to fry? The classics are always an option, but we’d like to take the opportunity to get creative and add some Italian and Mediterranean flair to your fried appetizer recipe stash. Think of these bites the next time you’re craving some fried goodies or are looking for easy-to-love party snacks.

Hearty enough for a meal, these traditional Italian rice balls are a tasty way to use your leftover risotto. Fill them with your choice of melty Italian cheeses, then serve with a marinara or spicy tomato dipping sauce.

Attention olive lovers: This incredible fried app takes your favorite Mediterranean snack to the next level. Plump green olives are loaded with savory meats, nutty Parmesan cheese, then breaded and fried to a crisp golden brown. You might not want to share this snack!

A new take on your favorite Mediterranean antipasti, these fried stuffed grape leaves are more than the life of the party… they ARE the party. Serve with a creamy homemade mint yogurt sauce for dipping and get ready to win some hearts.

Pasta as an appetizer? You heard us right. If you are into the classic pasta dish, Cacio e Pepe, you’re going to love this breaded fried delicious. It’s a starter they’ll be talking about for parties to come.

Step aside, ordinary fried appetizers. Time to make room for this cheesy fried artichoke masterpiece. We recommend serving up this Mediterranean-inspired app with our signature fresh-tomato Pomodoro Fresco Sauce for dipping.

This Italian-inspired app is everything you love about creamy carbonara pasta in one tasty app. As a certified comfort food superstar, this cheesy fried pasta is one appetizer you need in your party food arsenal.

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