Whole Wheat Pasta

Tasty Italian whole-wheat pasta with the heart-healthy benefits of whole grains.

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What Is Whole-Wheat Pasta?

Whole-wheat pasta is pasta that is made using the entire grain kernel of the hard durum wheat during the milling process. This is in contrast to semolina pasta that is made with just the soft inner portion of this wheat kernel, or refined grains. Milled wheat is sifted and then combined with water to become the pasta dough. As you know, this dough is extruded into the pasta shapes you know and love.

The benefits of whole-wheat pasta far surpass that of semolina pasta. Whole-wheat pasta, like all whole-grain products, are prized for their benefits to heart health, weight management and blood sugar control. When you choose whole-wheat pasta, you receive fiber, protein, antioxidants, Vitamin E, B Vitamins and healthy fats. The milling process of semolina pasta strips wheat of these heart-healthy nutrients.

Whole-Wheat Pasta – The Delallo Difference

For a heart-healthy, organic pasta with a superior taste and texture, DeLallo Whole-Wheat Pasta is unrivaled. Made with certified organic durum wheat, our pasta is crafted with traditional Italian pasta-making methods like bronze die extrusion and slow-drying at low temperatures. Bronze plates create a sauce-hugging texture on the surface of pasta to ensure the best flavor in every bite. DeLallo allows its pasta to dry naturally and slowly to avoid cooking the pasta with faster methods that use heat. This ensures a pasta that always cooks up al dente. The DeLallo difference is a difference you can taste.

Types (Cuts) Of Whole-Wheat Pasta You Can Buy

Our Favorite Whole-Wheat Pasta Recipes

The best whole-wheat pasta recipes feature the best whole-wheat pasta. Upgrade your pasta night with an Italian pasta that does more than taste good, but is good for you. Some of our favorite whole-wheat pasta recipes include other healthy ingredients from the famed Mediterranean Diet, like olives and extra virgin olive oil, but also vegetables and leaner cuts of meat. Here are some of our favorites:

Chicken Pasta Salad

Pasta Primavera

Best Vegetarian Lasagna

Whole-Wheat Orzo With Garlicky Roasted Vegetables


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