Gourmet Pizza Recipes We Love

Gourmet Pizza Recipes We Love

You love pizza. We love pizza. Skip the delivery and check out these gourmet pizza recipes.

Sure, its origins are in Italy, but pizza has certainly become an American pastime. You can order out or have it delivered, but there is nothing like homemade pizza. Don’t worry. We don’t expect everyone to be a chef. Thankfully, the DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit makes it super simple to get the tastiest, most authentic pizza crust… just add water! It’s that easy.

What’s great about pizza is just how many ways you can top it—from pesto pizza to Margherita pizza to barbecue chicken pizza to breakfast pizza. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect pizza. Just another reason why we love making homemade pizza. Here at DeLallo, we have our favorites. Check out the DeLallo staff picked favorite pizza recipes.

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Giuliana, Marketing Director

Sweet And Spicy Soppressata Pizza

A gourmet pizza recipe that is easier than it looks! This incredible homemade pizza masterpiece features our Sweet & Spicy Drizzle Oil, slices of sweet soppressata and fresh basil.

Jeff, Graphic Designer

Sam, Graphic Designer

Pesto Prosciutto Pizza

This homemade pizza recipe will have you seeing GREEN with basil pesto, fresh garlic, savory slices of prosciutto and tangy blue cheese. The pesto pizza of your dreams!

Meghan, Copywriter

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Two of our favorites come together in this gourmet pizza recipe. If you’re looking for something new that the whole family will love, try this homemade pizza.

Joe, E-Commerce Manager

Detroit-Style Pepperoni Pizza

You don’t have to live in Detroit to enjoy a slice of its famous no-nonsense rectangular pizza pie. We keep it classic as a pepperoni pizza.

This is no ordinary pesto pizza. Sweet basil pesto, fresh garlic, smoky-sweet charred cherry tomatoes and melty provolone cheese come together in this easy-to-love gourmet pizza recipe.

Michelle, Grocery Merchandizing Coordinator

Margherita Pizza

While it might seem simple, Margherita pizza is the O.G.: Italian San Marzano Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil leaves on a homemade pizzeria-style crust.

Melissa, Graphic Designer

Crispy Fried Pizza

This pizza recipe has been described as “life changing.” We can’t argue with that. Simple toppings, melty gooey cheese and crispy fried dough…

Capri, SEO and Email Marketing Manager

Hot & Sweet Triple Pepper Pizza

A gourmet pizza recipe for the pepper lovers out there, this homemade pizza features banana peppers, sweet-and-tangy Pepperazzi™ Peppers and hot jalapeños. We top it off with a tangy tomato sauce and four cheeses.

Dawn, Customer Service

Pepperoni Pizza

You can’t knock a classic. This pizza is the pizza you fell in love with. No fancy. No frills. Just a delicious dose of nostalgia (and a whole lot of pepperoni)!

Sweet and creamy mascarpone cheese pairs up perfectly with zesty flavors of this spicy homemade pizza pie. Create the perfect crust with our Italian Pizza Dough Kit.

Jake, Corporate Trainer and Olive Merchandizing Coordinator

Pepperazzi & Chicken White Garlic Pizza

If you love the sweet, tangy, spicy flavors of the Pepperazzi™ Pepper, we just know you’re going to love this homemade pizza pie. We combine grilled chicken, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, spinach leaves and creamy ricotta cheese on a homemade pizza crust. What’s not to love?

Chelsea, PPC Manager

Penne Pepperoni Pizza

Pasta on a pizza? You’re not dreaming! This gourmet pizza recipe is sure to be the talk of your friend circle.

Loaded with your favorite Mediterranean ingredients, this gourmet pizza recipe is one for the books! Briny olives, tender artichokes, irresistibly sweet sun-dried tomatoes on a chewy focaccia-style flatbread pizza crust.