Olives + Olive Oil – A Healthy Indulgence


Heart Healthy Snack + Kitchen Ingredient

We know how hard it is to cut out between-meal snacking, but what if you didn’t have to? Diet foods are the worst, which is why we strive for naturally health snacks. Olives are for more than entertaining and your favorite Mediterranean recipes, try them as your natural healthy go-to snack.

Have you heard that olives and their oil are loaded up with “good fat”? But what is good fat? Good fats are unsaturated fats, those said to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and boost good cholesterol (HDL). Olives are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, or oleic acid, which is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, ultimately lowering the risk of heart disease. Moreover, olives are unique when it comes to the ratio of quality fat, as they boast a lot of bang for their buck—high in good fat, low in carbs and with few calories.

Believe it or not, our bodies need fat. Besides providing us with a good amount of energy in its concentrated calories and allowing us to feel fuller, fat is responsible for growth and healthy skin. Without fat, say goodbye to your metabolism and the Vitamins (A, D, E and K).

Natural Source of Vitamins + Antioxidants

Speaking of vitamins, olives are rich in Vitamin E—a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and shield disease. Olives are loaded up with other beneficial antioxidants including the most important, oleuropein. Oleuropein is exclusive to olives and said to possess cardiovascular benefits as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Given its richness in phytonutrients, olives are said to contain a myriad of health benefits relevant to nearly every system in our bodies, from or cardiovascular system to our immune system.

On the Benefits of Table Olives
“According to research, the consumption of table olives can strengthen the natural defen[s]es of consumers. Table olives could become the main probiotic fermented vegetable product on the market in the future. The latest figures provided by researchers of the Probiolives Project show that some of the lactic acid bacteria generated in the fermentation of table olives provide better results than other bacteria already recogni[z]ed as probiotic microorganisms and which are currently used in various dairy products. The regular consumption of olives contributes to meeting the recommended daily amounts of fib[er]; olives are a source of oleic acid and they contain carbohydrates and proteins. Olives also contain minerals such as sodium, iron, calcium and magnesium, which is of particular importance for people who practice sports in relation to muscle contraction and nerve impulses. One of the main nutrients in table olives are polyphenols and the provitamins A and E, which have anti-oxidant properties that help provide a defen[s]e against oxidation processes that occur during sport, affecting both performance during exercise and in the recuperation period.”
– International Olive Council – 
“World Table Olive Market Report,” No. 122, Dec 2017

Drizzle, Dress + Cooking with Olive Oil

One easy (and delicious) way to stay healthy is as simple as switching out your staple kitchen oil. Lucky for us all, the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet includes most of our favorites, including one very important staple: olive oil. Like the olive, its oil boasts just as many health benefits (good fats, vitamins and antioxidants) while boasting a low-calorie status. Olives and olive oil just give you more bang for your buck, as far as good fats go and calories go.

That’s not the only reason to love olive oil, though: it also just tastes good! There’s truly an olive oil for every occasion: from our famous Italian cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil perfect for drizzling and dressing to our Pure Olive Oil just right for sautéing and frying. And just like everything we do, DeLallo boasts superior olive oils unmatched in flavor, color and quality.

In particular, Italian DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great choice for healthy recipes. Our extra virgin variety is cold-pressed, meaning it isn’t extracted with heat or processing, preserving all those natural antioxidants and “good” monosaturated fats. Moreover, our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is light and fruity with mild peppery notes—a flavor that is out of this world. Best enjoyed raw and uncooked, or crudo, the bold olive flavor shines in a number of easy applications and healthy dinner ideas:

  • Classic component of simple homemade dressings and vinaigrettes.
  • Savory drizzle for steamed or roasted vegetables.
  • Use in pizza, focaccia and Italian bread recipes.
  • Finish for roasted or grilled meats, poultry and seafood.
  • Combine with select spices for an exquisite bread-dipping appetizer.
  • Perfect for drizzling on garden salads and fresh cut veggies.
  • Top hot dishes, like soups and pasta, with just a drizzle for a silky texture and amped up flavor.

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