19 Best-Ever Pappardelle Pasta Recipes

19 Best-Ever Pappardelle Pasta Recipes

Need some pasta night inspiration? These pappardelle pasta recipes should do the trick—from super easy weeknight recipes to comfort food pasta dishes.

Front image of our Egg Pappardelle in it's bag.

If you’re looking for the perfect recipe to warm up your kitchen this weekend, look no further than this hearty short rib ragù.

This is no ordinary tomato sauce. This pappardelle recipe stars a buttery roasted tomato sauce you can only try to believe. And that breadcrumb topping...

The heart of Italian cuisine is cooking with just a few simple, but fresh, ingredients. This creamy, citrusy pappardelle recipe is a tasty reminder.

If you love mushrooms, you’re going to love this recipe. The mushroom sauce features Baby Bellas in a tangy tomato sauce with balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme and red pepper flakes.

This pappardelle recipe is a seafood masterpiece. Loaded with clams, mussels and ribbons of pappardelle, this is one impressive pasta dish.

If you’re in a pasta night rut, this pappardelle recipe is the cure: creamy goat cheese, zingy lemon, crisp asparagus and fresh thyme.

Move over, pumpkin spice latte. Pumpkin does pasta night in this irresistible spicy pumpkin pappardelle dish.

Pappardelle pasta and herb-breaded chicken come together in an irresistible garlicky butter sauce for a well-rounded pasta dish that will have them running to the dinner table.

Looking for a good recipe for that garden zucchini, cherry tomatoes and sweet summer corn? This colorful pappardelle dish brings it all together for a brilliant summertime pasta.

That classic meatball appetizer takes on pasta night in this unique pappardelle recipe. The homemade cream sauce brings it all together.

If you only ever try one summertime pasta recipe, let this one be it: blistered cherry tomatoes, sweet summer corn and pappardelle pasta in an irresistible basil cream sauce.

Pappardelle puts on its winter digs with this decadent warm-you-up pasta recipe starring butternut squash, leeks and smoky bacon.

Everything you love about your favorite Italian sausage sandwich, but in an unforgettable pappardelle pasta dish.

Just because it’s a weeknight, doesn’t mean you don’t have time for a great meal. This quick and easy pappardelle recipe is a creamy, garlicky, shrimp-loaded masterpiece.

A tasty idea for that store-bought rotisserie chicken, this soon-to-be pasta night favorite features smoky red peppers, fresh kale and our fragrant basil pesto.

There truly is nothing like a from-scratch Italian meal and this slow-simmered pasta sauce is the proof. If you’re looking for a weekend meal to warm their hearts and their bellies, this is it.

Pasta night gets a gourmet upgrade with this one. Pappardelle pasta stars alongside peppery arugula, savory slices of prosciutto, sweet snap peas, a kiss of citrus and grated Italian cheese.

Pappardelle pasta shines in this traditional Italian meat sauce. Be sure to cook your pasta al dente to avoid mushy noodles in this hearty ragù.

Dress your pasta ribbons in a brown butter sauce with shaved Brussels sprouts, a squeeze of lemon juice and nutty Parmesan cheese.