Pizzas Perfect for Fall


With the heat of summer in the rearview, fall has us dreaming about our favorite comfort foods. Pizza is at the top of the list, of course.

Fall is exciting for more reasons than fall leaves and sweater weather. What about all of those highly anticipated seasonal ingredients—like butternut squash, apples, mushrooms, pumpkin, etc.—and warm, earthy flavors? Inspired by the savory, and sometimes sweet, fall season and the need for some quality comfort food, we’ve come up with some incredible and unique pizza recipes that you need to try. Oh, and it’s so simple (and fun!) to make these pizza recipes from scratch with our easy Italian Pizza Dough Kit. You don’t need to a chef—we promise!

You’re going to want to give your pizza delivery person the night off.

This from-scratch fall pizza recipe is made for the season. It’s loaded with savory pancetta, melty Gruyère cheese, smoky-sweet caramelized onions and the star of the season, pumpkin.

A recipe straight-out of your wildest dreams, this hearty pizza pie takes comfort food to the next level. Featuring a creamy, decadent Alfredo sauce and all the Cordon-Bleu-inspired fixin’s, you have to try it to believe it.

Your favorite stacked corned beef sandwich meets your favorite Italian pastime in this incredible recipe hybrid. The creamy Dijon béchamel sauce is the extra special highlight of this pizza recipe.

This pizza recipe gives a new meaning to that “meat and potatoes” dinner. There is nothing ordinary about this off-the-charts pie: slices of mortadella, savory potato, red onions, irresistibly melty Italian cheeses and an awesome garlicky crust.

The chilly weather doesn’t stand a chance when you can cozy up to something as delicious and incredible as this fall pizza. We load it up with sweet potato, savory Sopressata, caramelized onions, creamy mascarpone and a generous drizzle of our signature balsamic glaze.

Three words: charred Brussels sprouts. With herbaceous basil pesto, prosciutto slices, smoky Brussels and melty Fontina cheese, this pizza recipe is going to rock your autumn menu.

The quintessential fall pizza recipe, this one stars smoky roasted butternut squash, savory pancetta, gooey cheeses and crispy fried sage leaves. There will be no such thing as leftovers with this one.

It wouldn’t be fall without the irresistible combination of apples and caramel, so we’re giving you a sweet pizza recipe to celebrate. The homemade caramel and crispy pecans take this dessert pizza to the next level of delicious.

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