Healthy Pasta Salads Loaded with Vegetables

Healthy Pasta Salads Loaded with Vegetables

We love a big bowl of perfectly-cooked al dente pasta as much as anyone. But sometimes we’re on the hunt for something just a tiny bit healthier. That’s why we put together these flavor- and veggie-packed pasta recipes that show off the flip side of a good bowl of pasta.

Don’t worry—every one of these dishes has a hefty dose of our favorite pasta shapes. But they are also brimming with fresh greens, tomatoes, seasonal veggies and savory Italian meats.

Really, it’s the best of both worlds. You get an incredibly satisfying pasta dish that also showcases the healthy Mediterranean flavors we all love. These vegetarian pasta recipes are perfect for lunch, dinner, side dishes…or pretty much every meal!

Our Favorite Pasta Shapes

Health-conscious pasta lovers will rejoice over this garlicky spaghetti dinner. Fresh tomatoes and kale come together for a simple sauce that carries a burst of fresh flavor. Just be aware: Once you try this pasta you might be ruined for traditional spaghetti and tomato sauce forever.

We love alfredo sauce so much that we decided to revamp the reputation of calorie-dense alfredo pasta. We added asparagus, snap peas, arugula, peas and artichokes to this veggie-loaded pasta dish, so you get the best of both worlds—rich, silky alfredo sauce with plenty of health benefits on the side.

There are lots of reasons to use whole wheat orzo in this pasta salad. For starters, it results in a satisfying chewy texture that acts as the perfect complement to fresh tomatoes and arugula. On top of that, whole wheat orzo provides a light, nutty flavor that adds depth to a traditional pasta salad. Top it all off with our homemade vinaigrette and you’ll have a new favorite recipe on your hands.

One of our favorite food bloggers, Joy the Baker, was inspired by the best parts of a BLT in this easy-peasy pasta dish. Using diced pancetta instead of bacon, you get a salty burst of flavor in almost every bite. Pair that with fresh tomatoes, baby kale and our giardiniera-style antipasto mix and you have a veggie-heavy pasta dish comes together in a flash.

Can’t get enough greens? We can’t either! Our toasty, nutty orecchiette is the perfect base for a tasty sauté of our favorite greens: sweet peas, broccoli rabe, chopped green onions and our beloved Basil Pesto.

Our “little ears” make an appearance in this simply, but stunning, pasta dish. Loaded with juicy tomatoes, green spinach, nutty chickpeas and creamy fresh mozzarella, this weeknight pasta recipe is sure to shake up pasta night.

This must-make recipe puts the salad in pasta salad. Featuring a boatload of crisp and colorful fresh veggies—like raw fennel, red radishes and snappy green beans—this whole-wheat pasta salad is sure to be a hit.