Virtual Meeting Gifts


Gourmet Eats for Online Gatherings

If we’re being honest, food is the center of everything. From work conferences to group meetings to family gatherings, good food can lift the mood and invite some good energy to just about any occasion. But in the new age of virtual everything, can you have this kind of experience while screen sharing?

Yes! We are here to say that you can bring that same delicious energy to all of your virtual events too. While some activities can’t be recreated virtually, sharing tasty food with friends, family and coworkers is possible with our lineup of Virtual Meeting Gifts.

Virtual Meeting Gifts

DeLallo makes it easy to buy gifts and tasting kits for virtual meetings. These thoughtfully curated collections feature specialty cheeses and cured meats, along with antipasto favorites like stuffed olives, pickled peppers, savory spreads and crispy breadsticks. Perfectly portioned for your virtual tasting events and video calls, each gift box includes a well-rounded selection of gourmet flavors.

Stay-At-Home Happy Hour Gift

If food is the way to their hearts, this tasty collection is going to have them swooning.

Appetizer Favorites Gift Box

Everything you’ve been dreaming of, this colorful combination includes a taste of all your antipasto favorites.

Cheese & Charcuterie Gift Collection

This savory selection of meats and cheeses will surely wow any charcuterie lover.

Mangia Gourmet Meat & Cheese Box

This collection boasts the perfect pairing of meat and cheese with just the right gourmet garnishes.

Mediterranean Gourmet Food Gift

Inspired by the bold and colorful flavors of the Mediterranean, this unique food gift will give them something to talk about.

Italian Cheese Board Gift Box

This collection features cheeses made famous in Italy along with colorful antipasto complements and garnishes.

Artisan Antipasti Gift Collection

This stunning collection celebrates the best of Italian antipasti with meats, cheeses, stuffed olives and crostini toasts.

Note: These collections are the perfect addition to virtual wine tastings too!

Upgrade Your Work Meetings

The key to a successful virtual meeting is engagement and what better way to connect than with great food?

When going out to lunch or hosting an office party isn’t an option, you may be looking for a way to make the corporate world a little more personal. Virtual team building activities such as the act of “breaking bread” can be a positive step for group morale. They keep colleague and employees performing at their best and certainly help to keep everyone feeling connected.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stand out with clients or a way to add some excitement to remote office meetings, gourmet charcuterie and antipasti are sure to check every box.

Virtual Hangouts

When you can’t get together in person and you’re looking for a way to connect across the miles, think food.

Our curated collections of food gifts offer a tasting experience you can share. Plan a virtual cocktail party or a board game night with your friends and family. Or even host a virtual tasting where food and drink are the main event. Just add beer, a bottle of wine or some frilly cocktails and make a night of it. You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas.

Snack like a superstar with a colorful spread of meats, cheeses and antipasti. Each household gets their own tasty gift delivered from DeLallo to “share.” Now everyone can enjoy their favorite food pairings with their favorite people… even miles apart.