DeLallo Eats – Ingredients


Gluten-Free Recipe Roundup

Do you eat gluten free? We got you covered. No matter what your reason is to cut the wheat, finding great-tasting gluten-free options shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ve gathered up

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For the Love of Chickpeas!

We’re here to tell you that chickpeas are more than just a bean dip. Known for their starring role in the Mediterranean masterpiece, hummus, chickpeas have found their way into

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A jar of Delallo Tomato puree and can of Cannellini beans next to plated Beans and greens pasta

All About DeLallo Tomato Passata

What is Passata? Passata is simply puréed, strained uncooked tomatoes… that’s it. There are no fillers and no distractions. Just 100% tomatoes. Tomatoes are crushed, then puréed and finally strained

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Bruschetta Shrimp Ravioli

Beyond Bruschetta

Sure, bruschetta is famous for being a delicious appetizer and snack that’s super easy to whip up, but did you know it also has some serious kitchen potential? In its

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Talk About Tortellini

11 Recipes for Your Favorite Stuffed Pasta Rings We like to believe that there’s nothing that a good pasta recipe can’t cure. There’s something comforting about a hot, steaming plate

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Italian Tomato Bruschetta

You may know it as the tangy tomato topping featured on crisp gourmet toasts or crusty slices of fresh baked Italian bread, but bruschetta wears many hats in the kitchen.

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Pesto Beyond Pasta

A little pesto goes a long way. We’re not just talking about pasta night either. More than just an herbaceous sauce for linguine, pesto is one of Italy’s most prized

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Spicy Italian-Styled Ramen with Tofu served in a bowl

Italian-Style Ramen

What Is Ramen? When you think “ramen,” you might imagine that inexpensive package of dry noodles with the salty spice packet, but we’re talking about something a little different. It’s

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Amatriciana Sauce tops a plate of noodles

The Best Sauce Recipes

The All-Inclusive Best Sauce Recipe Guide In Italian cooking, it’s all about the sauce. True partners in deliciousness, pasta, and sauce go together like… well, pasta and sauce! How can

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