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Olive and Beer Pairing Guide

Do you follow the same snack choices with your favorite beers as probably everyone else in the country? That means crunchy snacks like pretzels and spicy or salty crackers or

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How to Prepare Christmas Eve Baccalà

Baccalà— is Italian for salted codfish—comes mostly from the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland, where it’s fished, salted and exported all over the world.  Dried and salted fish doesn’t sound

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Eggplant Parmesan Baked Ziti

Baked Parmesan 101

From the cheesy baked dish to the innovative sandwich version, it’s clear everyone loves the cheesy, crispy fried goodness of Baked Parmesan recipes. We wanted to share some insights and

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How to Make Pesto

Summer has arrived and basil plants are in full swing. Around here, that means one thing: It’s pesto season! When you use the perfect proportions of the freshest possible ingredients,

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How to Cook Salmon

Full of Omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein, salmon is incredibly healthy—as in, superfood kind of healthy. And it’s versatile, too! Salmon is delicious no matter how you prepare it:

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How to Make Meatloaf

Meatloaf can be one of those “love it or hate it” dishes. While some of us dream of tender, flavorful meatloaf served alongside potatoes and a simple vegetable, others have

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How To Cook Bacon

Bacon. It’s arguably the most important part of an all-American breakfast and it’s the star of some of our favorite side dishes and appetizers. Not only is bacon extremely easy

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Cheesy Meatball Skillet

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Plenty of experienced cooks swear by the cast iron skillet. It’s perfect for searing meat, creating one-pot masterpieces (like this Cheesy Meatball Skillet), and even baking bread. Plus, if you

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