Easy And Delicious Cocktail Recipes For Every Occasion

Easy And Delicious Cocktail Recipes For All Occasions

When you find the perfect cocktail recipe everything about your get-together just falls into place. There are so many cocktail recipes out there: from classic cocktails like dirty martinis to unique cocktails with unexpected ingredients to stunning brunch cocktails for Sunday morning get-togethers. There is a cocktail recipe for every occasion, palate and season.

But will you have time to enjoy the party if you’re busy making elaborate drinks? The good news is that you can make an impressive cocktail without being a mixologist. We use a handful of easy ingredients like simple syrups, fresh lemon and lime juice, briny olives and pickled peppers—to name a few. And though many of our cocktail recipes look complicated, we keep things on the simple side so you can spend more time with your favorite people.

Now, get out your cocktail shakers. It’s time to be inspired by our best cocktail recipes. We’ve included classic cocktails along with some new and unique cocktails that are sure to become favorites in no time. Cheers!

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This is no ordinary dirty martini. The star of the show in this unforgettable cocktail recipe is a handful of our tangy, briny Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives. Don’t forget that splash of olive brine. Learn more about this iconic drink.

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Imagine: classic margarita meets dirty martini. This sweet-and-tangy citrus mashup is ready to brighten your next cocktail occasion. No special occasion lined up? It’s also the perfect accompaniment to your next Mexican-inspired meal.

Shop Ingredients: Stuffed Queen Olives | Lime Juice

This unique cocktail recipe is a garlic lover’s dream. Don’t worry, our pickled “kissable” garlic won’t linger on the palate and scare away your friends.

Let our prized Pepperazzi® Pepper do all the work in this dirty martini recipe. Irresistibly sweet and tangy with a zesty kick, this pickled pepper is the perfect antipasto to plop into your classic martini.

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Bring on the bubbly with this iconic Italian cocktail recipe. If you’re looking to serve up a beverage other than wine, something unique and refreshing… this Prosecco cocktail is it.

Looking for a fresh and fruity summer cocktail to keep things cool? This super simple, yet elegant, cocktail recipe is a great one to have on-hand: refreshing, crisp, citrusy and bubbly.

No espresso machine required for this good-time cocktail recipe. DeLallo Instant Espresso Powder makes it easy to enjoy a rich, chocolate-y espresso martini. It’s the perfect holiday treat or after-dinner pick-me-up.

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Classics are classics for a reason and this classic cocktail is no different. In Italy, the Negroni is the ultimate summer cocktail boasting a refreshing citrusy sweet flavor with that iconic orange peel.

Ease into Sunday—or any day, really—with this mixed drink masterpiece. This cocktail recipe is more of a snack and beverage in one. We love loading up that traditional Bloody Mary with bold and colorful antipasti on tiny skewers.

This sweet, citrusy bourbon beverage is sure to get the party started. Handcrafted cocktail recipes like these are great for serving at holiday dinners, happy hours and special occasions.

Shop Ingredients: Fig Spread | Balsamic Vinegar

Who says you can’t spend your holidays in the tropics? This tropical cocktail is a great way to brighten your holiday parties: coconut water, coconut milk, lime juice, a kiss of mint and a pop of pepper for color and complexity. You’re going to love this red and green cocktail recipe.

This non-alcoholic cocktail is sure to be your new summer go-to. We combine fresh fruit, tangy vinegar and some fizz for the ultimate summer cocktail. Choose club soda, ginger beer or another flavored soda. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this one. Add some alcohol, if you’re looking for a cocktail to unwind.

Shop Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar