19 Perfect Lasagna Recipes For Any Night Of The Week

19 Perfect Lasagna Recipes For Any Night Of The Week

Is it just us, or is lasagna basically the perfect meal? It’s an easy, crowd-pleasing dish with endless combinations that allow you to make it as simple or as elegant as you want. Some lasagna recipes require a casserole dish, others require a large skillet… and some even call for a soup pot! From vegetarian variations to classic Italian lasagna recipes loaded with mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese to seasonally inspired baked pasta dishes, this list of lasagna and lasagna-inspired dishes is all the lasagna you’ll ever need.

Where once baked pasta dishes like lasagna were reserved for special occasions and holidays, these days, there are so many lasagna recipes that are easy enough to make on a busy weeknight. No, we’re not talking about frozen lasagna, but incredible home-cooked meals that your family will race to the table for. Superstar pantry ingredients like our No Boil Lasagna Noodles and Pomodoro Fresco Sauces make it easy to create great-tasting homestyle lasagna creations in less time.

Check out some of our best-loved lasagna recipes. We just know you’ll be inspired by these cheesy, unique and inventive pasta creations.

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The key to the perfect cheese lasagna recipe is using the best ingredients possible. For this recipe, we use a half-and-half mixture of veal and ground beef, our signature Pomodoro Fresco Marinara Sauce and whole milk ricotta cheese for an extra creamy texture.

This incredible lasagna recipe is an ode to the pantry. Using our No-Boil Lasagna, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and tasty Pomodoro Fresco Sauces, you can create a quick-and-easy sheet pan lasagna that everyone is going to love.

Look no further for the best vegetarian lasagna recipe. We got it right here. This lasagna recipe features layers of cheese, smoky-sweet roasted veggies, melty cheeses and a tangy tomato sauce. Meatless Monday never tasted so good!

For this lasagna recipe, we went for an actual twist. Instead of layering lasagna noodles with a creamy spinach and cheese mixture, we roll them into easy-to-serve lasagna roll-ups. Perfect for kids, family gatherings, potlucks—and pretty much every meal!

Just because you follow a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t have a great tasting lasagna! Starring our authentic Italian Gluten-Free Lasagna, this veggie-loaded baked pasta dish is easy, cheesy and sure to beat off any cold-weather blues—and all without the gluten!

You don’t want to miss out on this authentic Italian lasagna recipe featuring the earthy aroma of mushrooms, nutty Parmesan cheese, melty mozzarella cheese and the smooth, rich presence of béchamel sauce.

This show-stopping lasagna recipe is inspired by your favorite Carbonara recipe. It is stacked high with ricotta cheese, savory pancetta and tender al dente lasagna noodles, then baked up with a rich and creamy cheese sauce, all topped with freshly baked eggs.

This version of white lasagna is loaded with fresh vegetables and plenty of cheese. With zucchini, mushrooms, arugula and tons of mozzarella, this lasagna recipe is a masterpiece in a casserole dish!

Your favorite hot dip is the inspiration for this lasagna recipe. This recipe features fresh spinach, marinated artichokes, a generous layer of cheese and a homemade tomato sauce. The best part? This lasagna tastes even better the next day, so you’ll actually look forward to leftovers!

This lasagna recipe proves that pumpkin isn’t just for froofy fall drinks. Bring on the chilly weather with this incredible cheesy baked pasta starring your favorite fall squash.

This lasagna recipe delivers a major flavor explosion of sautéed sweet potatoes, savory Italian sausage, fresh spinach, an array of Italian cheeses and creamy Alfredo sauce. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop at one serving.

This recipe turns lasagna into a beloved weeknight classic. Using a one-pan approach, simply sauté your veggies and Italian sausage in a large skillet. Top with noodles and sauce. Then, top with mozzarella cheese at the end. Cleanup is a breeze.

Weekend plans? How about a lasagna? Smoky-sweet roasted veggies and creamy herbed goat cheese are the heart of this lasagna recipe.

We make lasagna even easier with this hearty and heavenly slow cooker recipe. This lasagna recipe is extra creamy thanks to a cream-cheese-based sauce and melty shredded Cheddar cheese in every layer.

Soup’s on with this lasagna recipe. You heard us right. Full of flavor and loaded with veggies, this Gluten-Free Lasagna Soup is the perfect make-ahead meal prep recipe the whole family will love.

If the crispy edges of the lasagna pan are your favorite part, you’ll definitely want to try this recipe. Use our no-boil lasagna noodles as the base for your favorite pizza toppings and create mini-pizzas with a crispy, chewy crust.

Why dirty a bunch of dishes if you only need one pot? This lasagna recipe is a one-pot wonder featuring bacon, shallots, carrots and a cream-cheese-based sauce for a deliciously unique take on a classic lasagna.

Two of your favorite comfort foods come together in this lasagna recipe. We take everything you love about lasagna and put it into a hearty soup. Warm up with a taste of Italy!

No casserole dish necessary. These bite-sized mini lasagnas are an inventive appetizer and game-day snack. Boil lasagna noodles just enough to fit them into a cupcake tin to create these irresistible lasagna apps. The rich and creamy carbonara sauce is everything.