17 Delicious Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Recipes

17 Delicious Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Recipes

Plate of spaghetti pasta and turkey meatballs tossed with sun-dried tomatoes in a light oily sauce

There is nothing like the smoky-sweet sun-dried tomato. Its unmistakable bold tomato flavor and irresistibly chewy texture keep things interesting—especially pasta. These are some of our favorite sun-dried tomato pasta recipes.

No doubt that this is the ultimate creamy sun-dried tomato pasta recipe you’ve been looking for. We love serving it up with a short cut of pasta like penne ziti.

Don’t be fooled—healthy CAN taste good. This grain bowl is a colorful combination of flavors and textures, including bursts of tangy-tomato sweetness from chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

So many incredible flavors come together in this larger-than-life gluten-free pasta recipe. Sun-dried tomatoes, zesty turkey sausage, creamy mascarpone, fresh basil... need we say more?

Sun-dried tomato shine in more than just hot pasta dishes, but cold ones too! This Mediterranean-style masterpiece features artichokes, spinach and our Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. It’s sure to be the talk of the picnic.

Keep your tomato love simple with this easy recipe. Featuring fresh cherry tomatoes alongside sweet sun-kissed tomatoes, this sun-dried tomato pasta sauce is one for your recipe box.

This one falls under the heading of “treat yourself.” This dreamy sun-dried tomato cream sauce features chicken, bacon and spinach for a well-rounded meal. Potato gnocchi take it to the next level.

Herbaceous basil pesto comes together with sweet sun-dried tomatoes and creamy mascarpone in this one-of-a-kind pasta recipe. It’s so easy, but so fancy, we brought out our bowties.

We love pairing up the smoky sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes with fresh fennel. The contrast of flavor and texture is an exciting addition to your weeknight pasta.

Grilled pesto chicken meets sweet and chewy sun-dried tomatoes in this creamy picnic pasta. You’ve never had anything like it. We promise!

Pillowy potato pasta pairs well with bold-flavored sauces like this sweet and smoky tomato pesto. With just 4 ingredients, you can create a satisfying pasta dish the whole family loves.

If you love creamy Alfredo sauce, you’re going to love this sun-dried tomato Alfredo starring the beloved smoky-sweet tomato along with pancetta, chopped onion and fresh garlic.

Our fan-favorite Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto comes together with fresh cream to dazzle this pasta dish. We love it with springy fusilli pasta.

This isn’t just any cream sauce. This is the sun-dried tomato cream sauce of your dreams! Such a fantastic pasta sauce deserves a fun cut, so we love to serve it up with our Spirali Pasta.

You will be sure to score some dinner points with this easy weeknight pasta recipe. It’s so easy to jazz up that jar of Alfredo sauce with bold, bright Italian ingredients like the sun-dried tomato.

Sometimes the star of the pasta dish isn’t the sauce. We love the chewy texture and bursts of smoky-sweet tomato flavor that sun-dried tomatoes bring to these lovable turkey meatballs.

This sun-dried tomato pasta recipe is by the bold and unforgettable flavors of Southern Italy (where the sun-dried tomato is from). It’s the perfect pasta to pair up with our Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Meatballs recipe.

Roasting veggies really brings out their smoky, sweet brilliance. That’s just the flavor we capture in this loaded pasta recipe starring our signature Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto.

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