15 Comforting Creamy Pasta Recipes

15 Comforting Creamy Pasta Recipes

What is more comforting than pasta? This collection of creamy pasta recipes, that’s what!

Creamy pasta recipes are the comfort food meals you need: hearty, filling and ready to warm you up. While they make for cozy winter meals, creamy pasta dishes are pasta recipes for all seasons and occasions. Many of these creamy pasta recipes can be made in about 30 minutes or less, making them a great solution for busy weeknights. Better still, you don’t need chef status to create these creamy pasta recipes. Just be sure to check cooking pasta for that tender, but yielding, al dente texture, so that your noodles will hold up to the heavy cream sauces.

Creamy pasta sauces are more than just comforting, these silky smooth cream sauces are a versatile foundation that pairs up perfectly with any number of ingredients: seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs, mushrooms, chicken breasts, braised meats, fish, seafood and more. Be sure not to overcook your pasta when making creamy pasta sauces.

Our collection of best-loved creamy pasta recipes has something for every taste and every occasion—from homemade Cheese Stuffed Gnocchi to the one-pot Creamy Pesto Chicken & Orzo recipe. Bookmark these creamy pasta recipe ideas for the next time you need a warm and comforting pasta hug.

This creamy pasta recipe is something like an Alfredo sauce. Instead of using Romano and Parmesan cheeses, this recipe features rich, sweet mascarpone cheese with just a few simple, fresh ingredients like lemon, garlic and thyme. This creamy pasta sauce is easy enough for busy weeknights and done in under 30 minutes. Add a protein like chicken breasts to make it a heartier meal.

Another creamy pasta recipe ready in just 30 minutes, this loaded pasta dish stars a creamy herbaceous pesto sauce with juicy chicken breasts, crisp asparagus, sweet sun-dried tomatoes and the tiny pastina, Orzo. Who knew an easy one-pot meal could be so full of flavor?

We live for creamy pasta sauces with chicken. We start with twirly Bucatini Pasta cooked to that perfect al dente texture. The cream sauce in this pasta recipe gets its awesome flavors from smoky-sweet sun-dried tomatoes, earthy spinach, fresh garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese.

Shake up your pasta night with a creamy pepper pasta recipe. This pasta sauce is made with a jar of DeLallo Roasted Red Peppers, fresh garlic, Italian seasoning and olive oil pulsed in a food processor. Then, combine it with heavy cream for silky, velvety cream sauce bursting with sweet, smoky, garlicky pepper flavor. We love this unique cream sauce with Bucatini pasta.

This chicken pasta recipe will have you saying “I DO!” A beautiful marriage of creamy mascarpone cheese, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, herbaceous pesto, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese and fresh basil, this irresistible cream sauce will have your dinner guests swooning. Tube-shaped Rigatoni Pasta is the perfect pasta for capturing the magic.

Homemade gnocchi is easier than you think. It's easy to create homestyle potato pasta… and once you get a load of this creamy pasta recipe, you won’t be so afraid to give it a try. These comforting potato pillows come together with melty Havarti and Parmesan cheeses in a cream sauce flavored with fresh basil and a kiss of garlic.

Don’t let the words “from scratch” scare you. This creamy pasta recipe is quick and easy, a pasta dish that can be made any night of the week—even those busy weeknights where you need a great meal the most. This pasta recipe is a great reminder that Orzo does more than shine in your favorite soups. It’s also an incredible pasta shape for creamy, cheesy recipes too.

A creamy pasta recipe that is the best of both worlds, healthy and delicious! This creamy white bean sauce is an unexpected Alfredo ready to dress your favorite whole-wheat pasta. We love springy Fusilli with this one. Who says healthy can’t taste amazing?

All the cozy warm autumn flavors you love in one incredible creamy pasta recipe. Earthy and sweet, butternut squash comes together with fresh garlic, shallots, chicken stock and heavy cream for an unforgettable pasta sauce. Thick, hearty cream sauces like these pair up great with golden egg pasta with its sturdy texture and rich flavor.

If you’re looking for a creamy pasta recipe to impress, let it be this one. This creamy mushroom sauce is made with just a few fresh, simple ingredients—the heart of true Italian cuisine. The savory, earthy flavor of sautéed mushrooms shines in this from-scratch cream sauce of heavy cream, garlic, chicken stock, white wine and fresh herbs.

Orecchiette means “little ears” in Italian, referring to the concave disk shape of this iconic pasta shape. These pasta noodles are the perfect shape for scooping up cream sauces and small ingredients like the green peas and bites of pancetta in this creamy pasta recipe.

Healthy can be delicious and this creamy pasta recipe proves it. Puréed cauliflower florets, not butter or heavy cream, give this pasta dish its creamy texture. Those famous bright, bittersweet San Marzano tomatoes make all the difference. Serve it up with a long cut of whole-wheat pasta for a creamy pasta that is just as good as it is good for you.

Get out of your weeknight recipe rut with this loaded one-pot meal featuring crumbled Italian sausage, pillowy potato gnocchi, spicy Calabrian chili peppers and a flavorful cream sauce. Super filling and done in under 30 minutes, this creamy pasta recipe is one for the recipe box.

We’ve got an idea for all that zucchini squash from the garden. This creamy, cheesy orzo recipe makes for a hearty side or a tasty lunchtime meal. The secret to this creamy pasta recipe is the flavor from toasting the Orzo first. It adds a distinct nuttiness that really adds another dimension to the pasta dish.

Cream sauces with a kiss of sweet citrus is… chef’s kiss. You won’t believe how easy it is to create this homemade creamy pasta sauce. We dress thick ribbons of Pappardelle egg pasta in a velvety mascarpone cheese sauce with a kiss of lemon and fresh thyme. Set it off with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.