15 Unforgettable Lumache (“Shellbows”) Recipes

15 Unforgettable Lumache (“Shellbows”) Recipes

We just know you’re going to be inspired by these fan-favorite Lumache recipes.

Are you looking for an easy way to hit REFRESH on pasta night? Swap your predictable go-to pasta shapes—like Spaghetti, Penne Rigate and Rigatoni—with new and fun pasta shapes like Lumache. This unique and versatile pasta is sure to be a new family favorite, so stock up now.

Lumache pasta is named for its “snail” shape. These are ridged, bent tubes with a seashell-like appearance and one pinched end. This lovable snail shell pasta was first made in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The hollow shell shape is perfect for capturing all kinds of sauces—from rich tomato sauces and meaty ragùs to olive oil based sauces and brothy soups. Lumache pasta even makes a great shape for baked pasta recipes like our Spicy Vodka Pasta Bake.

DeLallo has given the name Shellbows to its Lumache snail shell pasta. This name is a fun way to describe its bent shell shape. Check out some of our best-loved Lumache recipes.

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Skip the dairy, but none of the flavor in this incredible Lumache recipe. We use sweet peas, tangy sun-dried tomatoes and fresh parsley to complement the buttery creamy sauce. Lumache, or Shellbows, are perfect for scooping up the sauce and giving you the best flavor in each bite.

Comfort food gets an upgrade with this loaded mac ‘n cheese recipe. Lumache is the perfect pasta shape to scoop up melty cheeses and chunks of lobster. That topping of buttery breadcrumbs really seals the deal. Don’t forget to bookmark this Lumache recipe.

If you’re looking for a winning pasta night recipe that is classy enough to make for company but easy enough to snuggle up with on a weeknight, this Lumache pasta recipe is it. We love how it is filling and hearty, but also bright with the addition of sweet citrus.

This shell pasta recipe combines a classic creamy tomato sauce with your favorite comfort food: baked pasta. This Lumache recipe features bites of spicy sausage, loads of melty mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and punchy garlic. Inspired by the bold big flavors of Southern Italy, this bomb baked pasta is ready to wake up your pasta night routine.

This Lumache recipe features some of your favorite DeLallo pantry staples: Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato Passata, Chickpeas and the lovable Shellbows Pasta. In just one pot, you can create a protein-packed meal inspired by the Roman pasta dish, Pasta e Ceci. With this pasta recipe, it’s all about the technique… and great ingredients, of course!

This isn’t nonna’s mac ‘n cheese recipe, that’s for sure! This cheesy baked pasta is straight out of your wildest pasta-lovin’ dreams: buttery Gruyère, smoky bacon, fresh thyme, melty sharp cheeses, shallots, and a kiss of brown sugar and nutmeg. This Lumache recipe is seriously good—a baked pasta recipe fancy enough for the holidays, yet easy enough for a weekend meal.

This Lumache recipe features the famously delicious creamy tomato pasta sauce but without the dairy. Vegan, but with all of the flavor, this extraordinary tomato sauce is made with our prized Italian San Marzano tomatoes, cashews, onion and a splash of vodka.

Bring on the heat with this Lumache recipe inspired by your favorite bold Southern Italian cuisine.. We turn up your favorite “pink sauce” with spicy Calabrian chili peppers. These shell-shaped noodles shine alongside this handmade creamy tomato sauce.

Smoky, sweet and silky smooth, this red pepper pasta sauce is a must-try and the perfect way to dress Shellbows pasta. This Lumache recipe is made with just a few ingredients, ingredients you may already have on-hand in your pantry.

This Lumache recipe is a one-pot pasta dinner featuring fresh cloves of garlic, butter and nutty Parmesan cheese simmer with heavy cream. Serve it up as a light meal, a cheesy side dish or an entrée with chicken and vegetables. It’s super simple to make and even easier to love!

This gumbo-inspired mac ‘n cheese is a Lumache recipe you need in your life. Andouille sausage, Cajun shrimp, creamy cheeses, onions, peppers… this flavorful Cajun pasta dish is ready to be your new favorite comfort food.

These fun twisted shells are the perfect pasta for scooping up rich and creamy sauces, like this savory butternut squash sauce. Featuring earthy mushrooms, Swiss chard and sweet fennel, this pasta recipe is just as good as it is good for you.

This lightened up Lumache pasta recipe features a quick and easy tomato sauce of crumbled turkey sausage and our San Marzano style tomatoes. Next time you need an easy but filling weeknight meal, look no further than this hearty pasta recipe.

Everything you love about pizza—Italian sausage, pepperoni, gooey cheeses, tangy tomato sauce and more—comes together in this crazy-good shell pasta dish. There is nothing more comforting than a baked pasta recipe, but this one really outdoes itself.

Our Shellbows, also known as Lumache pasta, is just the right pasta shape for the creamy tomato-y goodness of this hearty pasta dish. Loaded with zesty Italian sausage and savory spinach, this Lumache recipe captures every bit of flavor in its seashell-shaped scoops. Every bite is as incredible as the last.