35 Mouthwatering Chicken and Pasta Recipes

35 Mouthwatering Chicken and Pasta Recipes

Orzo pasta tossed with red pepper strips, olives, feta and grilled chicken in a creamy cheesy sauce and prepared in a pot

Chicken and pasta just go together. Both are versatile and filling ingredients that can be dressed for any season—from cheesy pasta bakes to picnic-perfect pasta salads. For the best chicken and pasta recipes, we have you covered.

For this chicken and pasta recipe, skip the semolina pasta and switch it up with pillowy potato gnocchi.

This easy sheet-pan recipe features our curly Cavatappi noodles in a cheesy chicken and broccoli masterpiece.

Shake up your weeknight dinner routine with a chicken and orzo dish that features your favorite Greek flavors.

Get out your bowtie… pasta, that is. Cook up something new and exciting with this creamy spiced chicken and pasta.

Parmesan cheese, juicy chicken breasts and pillowy potato gnocchi come together in this easy baked pasta recipe.

If you’re looking for a new family favorite that’s as easy to make as it is to love, we got you covered with this one.

Bring this cheesy, flavorful baked pasta dish to the table and you’ll gain some instant fans.

Starring rosemary chicken and an irresistible creamy white bean sauce, this hearty whole-wheat pasta dish is going to change your pasta night forever.

Everyone will love this dish: Crispy bacon, fresh spinach and pieces of tender chicken starring a creamy, rich Alfredo sauce.

This chicken and pasta recipe stars an irresistibly creamy, buttery pesto sauce you need in your life.

This chicken and pasta recipe is brimming with the crisp and colorful flavors of best-loved summertime flavors.

Ready in 30 minutes, this Italian inspired chicken and pasta recipe will up your weeknight dinner game.

Gnocchi is a classic comfort food all on its own, but smoky bacon, juicy chicken breasts, fresh spinach and this creamy cheese sauce take it to the next level.

Serve this summer-inspired grilled chicken and pasta recipe as a hot dish or as a cool picnic pasta.

Looking for a new way to love on that family-favorite rotisserie chicken? Get a load of this chicken and pasta recipe: Italian egg pasta, sweet roasted red peppers, kale and herbaceous pesto.

Make pasta night unforgettable with this creamy, buttery chicken and pasta creation.

Your love of Italian food and ramen come together in this unique, ready-to-wow fusion.

There’s pasta salad, then there’s this pasta salad: whole-wheat orzo, sweet roasted corn, fresh green beans, roasted chicken, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Get ready to cozy up with this chicken and pasta recipe: buttery orzo pasta, fragrant fennel, Greek Calamata olives and juicy chicken thighs.

With this recipe, you can get in your whole grains and enjoy a cheesy pasta dinner. Oh, and it’s ready in just 30 minutes.

Introduce your favorite marinated Mediterranean goodies from the olive bar to your pasta night creation.

Loaded with the vibrant flavors of fresh lemon, rosemary and garlic, this pasta is sure to be your go-to summer comfort food.

Orecchiette are the perfect pasta shape to scoop up this irresistibly creamy goat cheese sauce.

Toasted garlicky breadcrumbs add a tasty new dimension to this chicken and whole-wheat pasta dish.

This isn’t any ordinary chicken dinner. Creamy mascarpone comes together with sweet and chewy sun-dried tomatoes to create an unforgettable skillet dinner.

Spice up pasta night with this peppery chicken and angel hair pasta dish.

If you love caprese, you’re going to love this picnic-perfect pasta salad featuring rotisserie chicken, rigatoni, garden tomatoes, basil and creamy mozzarella.

This chicken pasta salad is the perfect flavor bomb to help you celebrate the summer season.

This creamy chicken Alfredo dish is the comfort food you’ve been dreaming of.

Picture this: crispy pan-fried chicken folded into buttery ribbons of golden egg pasta. It’s almost too good to be true!

If you love rosemary, you’re going to love this creamy orecchiette pasta and chicken dish.

Is it a macaroni salad? Is it a caesar salad? It’s both! Be the talk of the barbecue with this unique pasta creation.

Bold and spicy jerk seasoning gives this Caribbean-inspired chicken and pasta dish is one for your recipe box.

Everything you love about the classic dish of Carbonara with a creamy, bacon-y, roasted tomato twist.

Get creative with the iconic Italian dish of lasagna and cook up a cheesy chicken and broccoli variation in your slowcooker.