10 Reasons You Need Gnocchi In Your Life

10 Reasons You Need Gnocchi In Your Life

If you aren’t stocked up on gnocchi, it’s time to make some changes in your pantry lineup.

That little box of potato pasta is life. Gnocchi is more than just pasta, but an irresistibly airy, filling and versatile foundation to a number of quick and easy recipes. Not just gnocchi and tomato sauce, but baked pasta and soup and salad—yes, even salad.

We’re here to say: give your pantry something to brag about. When you shop for your pantry pasta, go for the good stuff: our gnocchi is made in Italy, and with over 85% potato, it’s the most authentic Italian gnocchi you can get in a box.

Wait...what about homemade gnocchi?

It’s actually pretty easy to make your favorite Italian pasta from scratch. Check out this Homemade Gnocchi Tutorial for some pasta-making guidance.

10 Ways to Make Gnocchi

  • Make It Saucy: Whether you dress it simply with marinara or more elaborately with a decadent cream sauce, this versatile potato pasta is going to shine every time.

Recipe: Homemade Gnocchi in a Lemony Cream Sauce with Italian Sausage

  • Bake It Up: Why should lasagna noodles and penne ziti have all the oven fun? Create something cheesy and incredible with your favorite pillowy potato pasta.

• Break Out the Skillet: Cook up an amazing gnocchi recipe right on your stovetop. Bring on the protein, seasonal veggies and more.

  • Make Soup: We can’t think of a better way to warm up, really. Soup and gnocchi are both excellent comfort foods… and when they come together? It’s simply magic.
  • Pair with Veg: A pasta for all seasons, gnocchi are perfect for pairing up with the season’s fabulous flavors—whether it’s squash in fall or tomatoes in summer.
  • Toss a Salad: You may think that gnocchi and salads are on different food planes entirely, but these gnocchi salad recipes are ready to change your mind.
  • Toast It: If you like to keep things simple but full of flavor, consider browning your pillowy potato pasta with a quick jar of pesto (another pantry must-have) or an easy butter and herb preparation.
  • Riff on Other Potato Dishes: It’s sort of like a good cover song. We love bringing together more than one dish to create something new and exciting. Here, we explore pierogis, potato salad and clam chowder, because why not?

• Serve Breakfast: You heard us right: gnocchi for breakfast. Imagine your favorite potato pasta is just another breakfast potato and get creative. You’re never going to look at gnocchi the same way again.

• Get Your Mac ‘n Cheese On: Pretend those classic mac ‘n cheese pasta shapes are on vacation and give your box of gnocchi a try. What goes better with ooey gooey decadent cheeses than pillowy potato pasta? These gnocchi mac ‘n cheese recipes are going to make you a believer.