Authentic Italian Recipes

Authentic Italian Recipes

Believe it or not, not all authentic Italian recipes are overly complicated and time-consuming. If you’ve been craving Italian food, but you don’t have a lot of time, easy weeknight Italian recipes really do exist. This collection of traditional Italian dishes features recipes with short ingredient lists and simple instructions, so dinner will be done in no time.

Cacio e pepe means “cheese and pepper” in Italian—and that’s just about all it takes for this Roman recipe to steal the show on your dinner table. Season your favorite long cut of pasta with fresh black pepper and grated Romano cheese for a quick and tasty week-day dinner.

This rigatoni dish is an authentic Italian recipe that only needs three main ingredients to deliver big flavor: pancetta, Pecorino Romano and black pepper. With Roman roots, this pleasantly salty, savory rigatoni dish brings a little bit of Italy to your table.

This Roman spaghetti dish is a classic example of cucina povera, loosely translated as “humble cooking.” Despite the short ingredients list, this garlicky spaghetti dinner packs an incredible amount of flavor. Just one secret: reserve some of the pasta water to make the sauce.

Spaghetti pie is the perfect example of Italian comfort food. With hot Italian sausage, roasted red peppers and San Marzano-Style Tomatoes, this unique casserole delivers a burst of flavor at dinnertime.

This no-cook fresh tomato sauce is a perfect example of cooking the Italian way. With an abundance of fresh tomatoes and a few extra ingredients you’ll have big flavor for a super easy weeknight meal.

Small, chewy orecchiette works perfectly with the firm texture and earthy flavors of eggplant and zucchini. Add our traditional basil pesto and a jar of pine nuts and every bite of this pasta is bursting with flavor.

Amatriciana sauce is a zesty tomato sauce made with pancetta, onion and garlic, named for the town of Amatrice in Lazio, Italy. This mouth-watering sauce makes a weeknight dinner feel like a special occasion.

This iconic Italian meal only takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Simply sauté the garlic, cook the clams in white wine, and add capers and canned clams for an extra burst of savory flavor. It looks elegant, but comes together so fast you can make it for a special weeknight meal.

Carbonara is translated as the “coal man’s wife” in Italian. Bucatini all Carbonara refers to bucatini as the coal man’s wife would have prepared it. Traditionally the recipe calls only for pasta, guanciale, egg and cheese, but we love to add more flavor with some hot pepper and crushed garlic.

Salty prosciutto and sweet peas are the perfect combination in this creamy, garlicky farfalle dish. Before you know it, this recipe will become a weeknight favorite.

Believe it or not, you’re just three ingredients away from an Italian classic brimming with big basil flavor. We combine our linguine pasta with traditional basil pesto, plus a splash of hot pasta water for a creamy, herby pasta dinner.

Spice up the classic rigatoni and red sauce with zesty Italian sausage. We use fresh, sweet red and yellow peppers, imported San Marzano tomatoes and Pecorino Romano to complement this dish’s hearty, spicy flavor.

This soup showcases rustic Italian cooking at its best. Smash a can of chickpeas to make a hearty, creamy soup base and then cook the pasta in the same pot. This dish is part soup and part pasta—and it’s certainly delicious.

Homemade pasta sauce doesn’t have to take hours to prepare. This simple authentic Italian recipe is perfect for a weeknight. This Bolognese sauce uses our prepared vegetable soffritto to save time without sacrificing major flavor.

Thanks to the addition of turkey sausage, this heart-healthy dinner will have you craving pasta that’s good for you. We combine ground turkey sausage with our signature San Marzano-style tomatoes for a quick and flavorful pasta sauce that will have everyone coming back for seconds.

Put this Wild Mushroom Pasta on the menu for your next Meatless Monday dinner. All you have to do is create a simple sauce with garlic, butter, mushrooms and pasta water, allowing the taste of fresh wild mushrooms to truly shine. Toss it with our al dente Casarrece pasta and dinner’s ready!

This authentic Italian recipe comes together in a pinch for a delicious Italian meal on the fly. We combine tender broccoli with anchovy, garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes to create a hearty, flavorful sauce. The end result tastes so good you won’t believe it only takes a few minutes to prepare!

If you love the fresh flavors of homemade tomato sauce, but don’t have a lot of time, this authentic Italian recipe is for you. It comes together in about 30 minutes, making pasta night fast, easy—and definitely delicious.

Pasta with tuna sauce is a staple in many Italian households. Thanks to our San Marzano-style tomatoes, this dish is bursting with flavor and it comes together in just a few easy steps. We love to pair it with our Penne Ziti pasta, but any cut of pasta will do!

This pasta dish has it all—crisp-tender broccoli rabe, spicy sausage crumbles, and sharp Granino cheese, all served alongside al dente orecchiette pasta.

With roots stretching back to Nerano, Italy, this classic pasta dish is as Italian as it gets. By using fresh zucchini as the base for a creamy, earthy sauce, the final dish proves that simple ingredients make the most exquisite entrees in Italian cuisine.

If you’re ready to try your hand at a true authentic Italian recipe, this is it! This spaghetti is a signature dish of Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890, in Sorrento, Italy. We recommend using the freshest ingredients possible for this authentic Italian pasta recipe.