20 Recipe Ideas For Castelvetrano Olives

20 Recipe Ideas For Castelvetrano Olives

Are you looking for Castelvetrano olive recipes? Of course you are. Once you get a taste of these briny, buttery Sicilian olives, you’ll never be the same. Their deliciously mild flavor makes them an excellent beginner olive, but also an exquisite Mediterranean ingredient that shines in many of your favorite everyday dishes. We love featuring these prized green olives with such flavors as garlic, lemon and spicy chili flakes.

Easy enough for a snack yet impressive enough for holiday entertaining, this olive appetizer is going to win some hearts.

Winner, winner! You’re going to love this olive and chicken dinner. Briny Castelvetrano olives and zesty Calabrian peppers take it to the next level.

This show-stopping Greek pasta salad features all of your favorite tart, tangy, briny and citrusy flavors in one easy-to-make recipe.

One of those creations you have to try to believe, this incredible fruitcake recipe is the perfect harmony of flavors. You don’t need a holiday to enjoy!

This classic Italian bread salad gets its big flavors from your favorite olive bar goodies: sweet Sun-Dried Tomatoes, buttery Castelvetrano olives and our crisp Roasted Garlic Antipasto.

Castelvetrano and Calamata olives come together with fresh herbs to add a bold and briny dimension to this super fancy stuffed pork recipe.

Get out of your pasta night rut with this easy weeknight olive pasta recipe. The toasted breadcrumb topping is everything.

This loaded pasta salad is sure to have you swooning—especially the homemade vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil, our Golden Balsamic Vinegar and the juice from our zesty Pepper Drops.

If you love olives and you love pizza, then you know how amazing it is when the two come together. This recipe is no exception!

Top tier summer entertaining right here. We love everything from the stunning presentation to the colorful cast of bold and briny ingredients.

Ready to wow? We’re obsessed with this ricotta and goat cheese spread featuring our favorite antipasti—including the bright and buttery Castelvetrano olive.

A fan favorite, this chicken and Castelvetrano olive recipe lets its superstar ingredients do all the work.

Castelvetranos get a kiss of garlic lemon goodness in this unique Mediterranean-inspired pork chop recipe.

No more snoozy-worthy side dishes! Castelvetrano olives can bring their bright and briny flavor to every facet of your meal.

Starring our sweet Balsamic Glaze, a briny blend of olives and a kiss of lemon juice, this beautiful roasted chicken recipe is as good as it looks!

If you’re looking for a new way to love on Castelvetrano olives, this grain bowl recipe has you covered.

Forget delivery… point us to the pantry! This unique pizza recipe uses some of your favorite pantry staples to create an out-of-this-world pie loaded with big flavors.

Our Italian Tomato Bruschetta pairs up with capers and Castelvetrano olives to create a superb sauce served with cod fish and twirls of delicate angel hair pasta.

The combination of buttery Castelvetrano olives, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and fragrant parsley is the perfect complement to smoky grilled salmon.

This must-try macaroni salad features a cast of crisp and colorful vegetables alongside briny olives and springy Cavatappi Pasta in a cool and creamy pesto dressing.