Unique Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Feast

POSTED November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving: a holiday for feasting (and being thankful, of course), but also for trying new things.

As host or guest, the holidays are a great time to impress your favorite people and to start your own traditions. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few tasty gourmet ingredients and a little kitchen creativity.

We love tradition just as much as the next family, but we also love exploring new flavors in our favorite dishes. Thanksgiving is no exception. In fact, we find it a great time to introduce irresistibly briny, bold, tart and tangy Mediterranean ingredients to beloved American classics. Because why not add sun-dried tomatoes to your favorite stuffing? Or what about kicking up vegetable side dishes with a little pesto sauce? Some of your best-loved pantry staples also make for amazing gourmet ingredients in stuffings, turkey glazes, potatoes, casseroles, veggies and the like.

Here are some ideas to help make your Thanksgiving feast extra special this year.

Stuffed Turkey with Ricotta & Italian Sausage

Stuff your turkey with some delicious Italian goodness. Whether you’re looking for something new to serve up this holiday, or just a fantastic meal idea, this recipe is loaded with fresh herbs, Italian cheeses and savory sausage. Give your holiday turkey an Italian twist!

Sun-Dried Tomato & Kale Stuffing with Pancetta

Amp up your stuffing’s flavor with sun-dried tomato goodness. Hearty Italian bread and a colorful cast of ingredients make this a must-try classic holiday side. Try stuffing your Thanksgiving turkey or simply serve alongside your main beef, turkey or chicken entrèe.

Alfredo Sweet Potato Lasagna

Alfredo Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagna with Sausage

Want a twist on the classic sweet potato/yam side dish? Why not lasagna? This isn’t your average white lasagna. Featuring sautéed sweet potatoes, savory Italian sausage, fresh spinach, an array of Italian cheeses and our signature Alfredo sauce, this lasagna assures no leftovers.

Whole-Wheat Orzo with Garlicky Roasted Vegetables

Complement your favorite roasted vegetables with our nutty organic whole-wheat pasta. A super easy whole-wheat pasta dish featuring colorful, garlicky roasted vegetables. Sweet, smoky and savory flavors make this entrée or hearty side an irresistible cold weather comfort food.

Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Butternut Squash & Sage Sauce

Because you can’t forget the butternut. This creamy, decadent butternut squash sauce is the perfect way to dress tender egg pasta pinched with vibrant Italian cheeses. A hint of sage along with crunchy hazelnuts, give this hearty pasta dish a colorful contrast of flavors and texture.

Grilled Asparagus with Balsamic Butter

 Bring out the flavor of your favorite asparagus with balsamic vinegar. With five ingredients, create an easy and delicious topping with the bold, complex flavor of balsamic. Asparagus is a great stalky green for this homemade Balsamic Butter, but try other veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots… any vegetable will do!