• perishable
    Balsamic Cipolline Onions

    Balsamic Cipolline Onions

    DeLallo Balsamic Cipolline Onions are a unique and flavorful antipasto featuring sweet, squat onions from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, infused with the deep, complex tangy-sweet flavors of balsamic vinegar...

  • Charcuterie Board

    Charcuterie Board

    This is the beginning of something delicious. Our single-use charcuterie board makes it easy to impress with an artful arrangement at your next gathering. Use it as a simple but elegant foundation...

  • perishable
    DeLallo Oil Cured Pitted Olives

    DeLallo Oil Cured Pitted Olives

    Known for their deep black hue and signature wrinkled skin, these Southern Mediterranean gems are intense and pleasantly bitter with a salty finish.

  • Pandoro Sweet Golden Cake

    DeLallo Pandoro Sweet Golden Cake

    Pandoro is a beloved Italian cake that is naturally leavened and oven-baked in star-shaped molds. Traditionally, Pandoro is served during the holidays. From the Italian "pan de oro," which translates...

  • perishable
    DeLallo Piccante Green Pitted Olives

    DeLallo Piccante Green Pitted Olives

    DeLallo Piccante Green Pitted Olives are cured plump, meaty California Sevillano olives flame-kissed with red-hot chili flakes for a unique balance of spicy, buttery and tart flavors.Featuring our...

  • DeLallo X-Large Pitted Calamata Olives  6 oz.

    DeLallo X-Large Pitted Calamata Olives 6 oz.

    Prized Greek olives with a distinct purple hue and almond shape, DeLallo Calamata Olives boast a complex tart and smoky flavor with a semi-firm texture and meaty bite. This instense Greek olive is...

  • Deluxe Mediterranean Food Gift Basket

    Deluxe Mediterranean Food Gift Basket

    Fruit baskets and boxed chocolates are history. Give the gourmet gift they’ve been wishing for. Brimming with the bold, briny and bright flavors of the Mediterranean, this extraordinary gift...

  • Dried Cranberries

    Dried Cranberries

    Dried Cranberries are vibrant and tangy-sweet with a chewy bite. Great for snacking and serving, cranberries add a bright fruity flavor to salads, trail mixes, cheese boards, charcuterie plates,...

  • Dried Pears

    Dried Pears

    Dried Pears are sweet and mild with an irresistible soft and chewy texture. Perfect for snacking and serving, pears add a mild and fragrant sweetness to salads, cheese pairings, charcuterie boards,...

  • Fava Beans

    Fava Beans

    DeLallo Fava Beans are rich, meaty, ready-to-eat beans with a buttery texture. Also known as broad beans, DeLallo Fava Beans are stars of the bean family prized for their low-fat, high-protein,...

  • Happy Hour Gift Basket

    Happy Hour Gift Basket

    If food is the way to their hearts, this tasty collection is going to have them swooning. Featuring classic gourmet bites like our famous Italian Tomato Bruschetta, Genoa Salami and green...

  • Mediterranean Food Care Package

    Mediterranean Food Care Package

    A thoughtful food care basket can mean the world to those who need it most. When looking for a way to say thank you, to send condolences, to show appreciation or to deliver an uplifting message to...

  • perishable
    Mild Cheddar Cheese Wedge

    Mild Cheddar Cheese Wedge

    DeLallo Mild Cheddar Cheese is a young orange cheese with a smooth creamy cheddar with a mild, buttery, slightly sweet flavor. This beloved deli classic boasts an irresistible presence perfect for...

  • perishable
    Pickled Teardrop Peppers

    Pickled Teardrop Peppers

    Unique, bite-sized peppers with a zesty flavor in a tangy-sweet vinegar marinade.Colorful and unique pickled Peruvian peppers with a small teardrop shape and bold, zesty flavor accented by a...