• Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta

    Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta

    The smaller sibling of Rigatoni, this ridged, tube-shaped pasta is most common in Southern Italy. Its hollow body is perfect for capturing sauces and smaller ingredients. DeLallo Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta...

  • Linguine Pasta

    Linguine Pasta

    Born in Liguria, this long, flat pasta was made to be enjoyed with popular ingredients from the region like fresh basil pesto, seafood and simple tomato sauces. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town...

  • Long Fusilli col Buco Pasta

    Long Fusilli col Buco Pasta

    This long, spiral pasta is named for the “hole” running down its center. It’s as fun to eat as it looks! Traditionally served with a Neopolitan Ragù meat sauce, Fusilli col...

  • Spaghetti alla Chitarra

    Spaghetti alla Chitarra

    Originating in the Abruzzo region of Italy, this squared spaghetti shape is named for the guitar-shaped kitchen tool that gives it its unique thick cut and al dente bite. This versatile pasta pairs...

  • Fettuccine Pasta

    Fettuccine Pasta

    Popular in Roman cuisine, these wide “ribbons” of pasta are famous for pairing with butter and Parmigiano cheese in the classic Alfredo sauce. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where...

  • Rigatoni Pasta

    Rigatoni Pasta

    With origins in Rome, this ridged tube-shaped pasta captures chunkier sauces and meaty ragùs. Rigatoni is great for baked pasta dishes and pairs well with other Southern Italian favorites like...

  • Penne Rigate Pasta

    Penne Rigate Pasta

    Named for its “pen” shape, this well-known cut has angular ends that draw sauce into its hollow body. This, along with its ridges, make Penne Rigate a perfect cut for fresh tomato sauces...

  • Cut Ziti

    Cut Ziti

    This classic Southern Italian pasta consists of smooth, straight-cut tubes perfect for capturing sauces and small ingredients. While Ziti is mostly known for starring in cheesy baked pasta dishes, it...

  • Acini di Pepe Pasta

    Acini di Pepe Pasta

    Named after its tiny “peppercorn” shape, Acini di Pepe is small and spherical, best known as the star of the beloved classic, Italian Wedding Soup. This tiny pastina, or soup cut, is...

  • Elbows Pasta

    Elbows Pasta

    Elbows are small tubes with curved bodies perfect for capturing sauces. Known for their starring role in cheesy baked macaroni dishes, this c-shaped pasta is a great for simple tomato and vegetable...

  • Tortiglioni Pasta

    Tortiglioni Pasta

    From the Naples region, this twisted tube cut is best served up with full-bodied sauces and meaty ragùs, like the famous slow-simmered Bolognese sauce. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where...

  • Fusilli Pasta

    Fusilli Pasta

    This popular “spindle” pasta was born in Southern Italy, where they were made by skilled pasta makers by rapidly twirling spaghetti around a rod. These spring-like curves are incredible sauce...

  • Pasta Shells

    Pasta Shells

    This prized pasta is seashell-shaped with a concave body ideal for scooping up thicker sauces and small bits of vegetables. Shells are a versatile pasta that shines in everything from cheesy baked...

  • Radiatori Pasta

    Radiatori Pasta

    The distinct “radiator” shape of this short, chunky cut was designed for capturing sauces in its ruffled edges. Ragùs and chopped ingredients are no match for its many ridges,...

  • Farfallini Pasta

    Farfallini Pasta

    Named for its mini “butterfly” shape, this petite pasta cut shines in soups, sautés and creamy cold pasta salads. Farfallini is smaller than its larger siblings and so its fanciful...

  • Penne Ziti Pasta

    Penne Ziti Pasta

    With an irresistibly smooth tube-like shape, Penne Ziti is a popular short cut famous for its starring role in cheesy baked pasta dishes. DeLallo Pasta comes from the town where pasta was born, a...